Literacy Night
What is Phonemic Awareness?
• Phonemic Awareness is not Phonics.
• Phonemic Awareness is the ability to hear the
individual phonemes (sounds) in spoken
• Phonological Awareness is the ability to hear
syllables, rhymes, and individual sounds.
• Phonemic Awareness is part of Phonological
Importance of Phonemic Awareness
• Children who cannot hear and work with the
phonemes of spoken words will have a
difficult time learning how to relate these
phonemes to a letter in the alphabet, or all of
the letters and letter combinations that
represent a phoneme, such as f,
ph, and gh when they see them in written
Phonemic Awareness Activities
Early readers can show they have phonemic awareness in
several ways:
• Recognizing the first phoneme (sound)in a word- ex.
D-og (Use a pocket chart with pictures and letters)
• isolating and saying the first or last sound in a word.
(Mystery Words- Say three or four words that begin
with the same sound- basket, ball, big, boat)
• “I Spy Game”- I spy with my little eyes something you
are wearing that starts with a /p/ pants, /s/socks
Phonemic Awareness Activities
• Stretchy names- with a rubber band
– Model with a large rubber band how to stretch out a word as
the word is said. /mmmm-/aaaa-/nnnn/
– Stretch out children’s names by saying name slowly. Then say
name quickly by clapping
– Song- to teach Phonemic Segmentation
Listen, listen to my word,
Then tell me all the sounds you heard: (race)
/r/ is one sound
/a/ is two
/s/ is last in race it’s true
Thank you for listening to my word and telling all the sounds
you heard!
Phonemic Awareness Activities
• Rhyming-Read rhyming books- “Down By the Bay”
By Raffi
-Read and discuss beginning sounds in
words and rhyming words.
- Rhyming Word Sit Down game - Children
walk around in a big circle taking one step
each time rhyming words are said by
someone. Then the adult says a word that
doesn’t rhyme and the children sit down.
Phonemic Awareness Activities
• Rhyming:
– Nursery Rhymes:
Hickory Dickory Dock the mouse ran up the clock.
– Authors of Rhyming Books: Dr. Seuss, Bill Martin
Jr., Rosemary Wells (Noisy Nora), Audrey Wood (
Silly Sally), Jim Aylesworth, Raffi, and Deborah
Guarino ( Is Your Mama a Llama?)
Thank you for coming to Literacy Night. Have a
PHENOMENAL time practicing Phonemic
Awareness with your child.
BOOK FAIR- Please visit the Book Fair on your
way out.

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