Review of Social Thinking

Review of Social Thinking
Expected and Unexpected Behaviors
 Doing what is expected makes people feel safe,
good, and happy
 Doing what is unexpected makes people feel
unhappy, confused, or maybe scared
Expected vs. Unexpected Behaviors
 Clip- Boy Meets World, Teacher’s Bet 2.30- 4.01
Expected Behaviors
Unexpected Behaviors
Good thoughts & Weird thoughts
 Each of us can make people have good thoughts
and weird thoughts about us by the way we behave
 But when others have too many weird thoughts
about us, they may think that we are not fun, safe, or
easy to play or work with
(eric’s happy dance)
Good thoughts/
Weird thoughts
- Not all weird
thoughts are
negative or a bad
thing, can be
Social Behavior Map
How it
How it
Social Behavior Map
What you say or
How it makes
Others Feel
you experience Bert and Ernie Clip
How it make
you feel
Social Behavior Map
What you say or
How it makes
Others Feel
Complete SBM for each clip- Erika and
Caitlin clips (13 & 14 photo booth)
you experience
How it make
you feel
Big Bang Theory- Bat Jar
0-2.08; 3.02-4.18)
 Clip: Sheldon
 Thought bubbles for what Penny is thinking about
Sheldon’s reaction to her sitting in his spot
 Feel it Big on the Inside- Express it Small when in
- Why is it important in life to express it small?
• Clips:
(0-1.46) (Enchanted- Angry)
Show me you know FBI-ESP
• On your piece of paper:
- Two reasons why it’s important to FBI-ESP
- A drawing to illustrate your understanding of FBI-
- OR
- One situation you have experienced where you Felt it
Big but Expressed it Small or you should have FBIESP
Story Grammar Marker- “Braidy”
 Tell me a story using the SGM about something you
did in the past
- Something that happened yesterday/last night
- Something you did over the weekend
- Something you did over the summer
* I want to see you tell me a clear, organized story that
has a beginning, a middle, and an end
What does respect mean?
- Treating people the way you want to be
Do you need to treat people with respect even when
you are upset or frustrated?
- Yes, it is always expected that you treat people with
 Write down what definition for bullying and what it
looks like to you
 Bullying is unfair and one-sided. It happens
when someone keeps hurting, frightening,
threatening, or leaving someone out on purpose.
To recognize bullying, ask:
 Is it fair?
 Is it one-sided? Is one person trying to hurt someone
who is not trying to hurt back?
 Is someone using power in a hurtful way?
 How does it feel? Does the situation feel bad or
uncomfortable? Are there any hurt feelings?
Examples of how others may use power in a
hurtful way
 A girl has an electronic game that many students
are interested in, but she will only let certain people
play with it.
- The girl controls who uses the game to gain power
over the others.
 A boy says, “You can’t play with us because you’re
not in our club.”
- Being part of a club gives the students in it power
over others who want to join
Bullying- using power
 People may get their power from:
- Having games (or other things)
- Having certain friends or more friends
- Being bigger or older
- More popular than someone else
None of these things are bad, unless they are used to
try to hurt or control others.
When a person tries to hurt or control others
using these things, then that person is
Clip- Bullying
(0- 1.17 Boy Meets World)
 Where do you see bullying?
 What power is the bully using?
What are the consequences for bullying?
 Minor consequences:
- People think you are mean
- People don’t like to be around you
- You hurt people’s feelings
 Serious consequences:
- Loss of points/ cash-in
- Get a reputation for being a bully
- Notify your parents and Directors here at Milestones
What you do
How it makes
others feel
based on how
others feel
How you feel
about the
1-5 Scale
 Complete worksheet- provide 2 examples for each level
of the problem
Why is it important to know the level of the problem?
 It’s important to figure out how big a problem is because
if you over-react, others feel awkward, uncomfortable, or
 How much emotion should we let out when you are upset
and how much much is supposed to stay in?
What are you thinking about this person?
(4.52- 7:54- Boy meets world pilot)
What’s the appropriate reaction based on the
level of the problem?
 Using your 1-5 scale problem- pick one and
determine the appropriate reaction
 Complete worksheet with reaction
 Look at comics

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