The island by John Heffernan and Peter Sheehan

Jess & Sheona
Description of the text
 There was an unhappy tribe who lived on an island
 Urchin was a boy who was different to everyone else.
He had a connection with the and and the sea.
 The creature brought happiness to the sad island. The boy
had an instant connection with the creature.
 Eventually the tribe grew attached to the creature and
decided to capture it and preserve their happiness.
However the boy didn’t participate in doing so.
 Urchin and the creature escaped the island and lives
happily together.
Main idea of the text
 Abuse of power within the tribe to try and keep the
creature and controlled where it stayed.
 They were trying to force happiness.
 Courage came from the boy; Urchin, who brought
happiness to the creature and for himself.
 Escaping the creature from the island and sailing
How is this idea
 Techniques
 “we must capture the creature and keep it forever”- their abuse of power
 “he knew that the life of the creature was trickling away like sand through
his fingers.”- courage
 The page is black and white, loss of colour, Urchin is visually seen bigger in
size, compared to the tribe.
 Urchin rebels against the tribe, to do what’s right for the creature.
 Contrast in colours, the tribe is black and white, the creature is colourful and
Connection to Shoe-horn
 In comparison to the Shoehorn Sonata, happiness is brought to
Bridie and Sheila through music and the caramel
 Similar to The Island, which was the creature.
 Abuse of power= how the Japs abused their power onto the
women and how the tribe abuse their power to capture and
control the creature.
Act 1, Scene 4 ‘on the soundtrack we can still hear Lipstick Larry
beating Bridie.’
 Shoehorn- the needle in Lipstick Larry’s pants. To an extent this
brought Bridie and Sheila happiness.

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