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Ian Phillips
Challenges Implementing KS3 Computing Curriculum
Our Challenges
1. Identify Best boys
2. Developing
staff confidence
and student
problem solving
is difficult when
working with
large classes
3. Understanding what is essential, important and nice to have
4. What are your challenges?
Best Boys and Staff
 Saravanan is our first boy from Habs to
represent Great Britain at an International
Olympiad in Informatics and chess.
 In the first round, against the clock he scored 87% and
he finished in the top 4 in the final at Cambridge.
 We had little to do with this but keen to understand.
 Want to inspire and support over a longer period
 Embed assessment and examples in resources which
share more responsibility with students. Logo Example
Created a curriculum to
 Identify and support more boys to become best boys
 Develop those identified through clubs and
competitions to be autonomous problem solvers;
supporting staff and other boys
 Scaffold learning to make it easier for staff to learn
alongside students during lessons with large classes
 Promote Digital literacy to Develop Digital wisdom
 Understand Computer science programming
 Vary embedded assessment like ….
Digital Wisdom
 Digital literacy leads to digital wisdom – an ability to be
creative with technology and make effective choices.
 Equip pupils to understand and change the world
through logical thinking and precision
 Computing can be a challenge unless
we take the time necessary to develop
confidence over a longer period
 Used the carrot of Chocolate and
Competitions to help make change
Y8 Logo this year
 Which would you choose?
OOYH 2013 film competition
 These boys were in Y9 and 10 when they submitted their
film redial.
 Click on the
picture to follow
the link.
 They made the
film because
they wanted to.
Computing Curriculum?
 How digital systems work, are designed and programmed
 Ensure that pupils become digitally literate – able to use,
and express themselves using technology – at a level
suitable for the future workplace and as active participants
in a digital world. We mark the ability to use the
technology to help them tell the story.
 Inbuilt self, peer and teacher assessment and detailed
understanding of progression using structured, fun and
relevant activities – one third of boys taking GCSE ICT
 Regular formative Assessment with Turning point
multiple choice, SharePoint Hands up , Lanschool for
 Most activities have clear
Mark Scheme like Y8
Premier League Model.
 Most work has examples
at different levels that
they can’t easily copy.
Attaching to web database
Effective use of standard Spread sheet
features for calculation like average
and sum,
Good use of formulae to automatically 4
Sensible use of layout tools to clearly
present the information
Use of conditional formatting
Sensible use of graphs
Adding accurate and relevant
numerical information
Use of If statement
Use of Relevant images
Overall Quality of presentation
Bonus marks for using advanced
features that enhance the Model like
macros and scripting using VBA.
Mark Scheme
Visit Clinic
Your Mark
Mutual Mark
Our KS3 Curriculum
two week timetable;
 Y7 - 3 – 45 minute periods
 Y8 - 4 - 45 minute periods
 Y9 - 4 - 45 minute periods in 2 options
and an 8 week core carousel for everyone
 Computing society Monday and Friday 1:15 – 2.00
currently Logo and turtle system next Game maker.
 Web design club Wednesday
 Software for creativity in specific spaces with adult
Computing and ICT - CICT
 Renamed the department last year
 Use VDI and wide variety of clubs supported by staff
run by boys
 Senior and Junior
Computing society
 Interactive Tutorials
 Microsoft IT Academy
 Pi and HTML club
 Turtle system and Touch develop
Chocolate and Competitions
 Wanted to change the way boys saw the subject
 ECDL pass 75% and average about
79% expensive and lots of boys failing.
 4 years later My class 94% average whole Y9 was 89%.
 Set in Y9 resulting in 32 boys in set 3 getting 100% this
year and my class 14/24 100% in Module 6
 Competitions to drive up creativity of work. Organised
curriculum so that every holiday fun competition
Year 7 Welcome Website
The Competitions
 £40 voucher at first for competitions
 Extrinisic vs Intrinsic motivation - Dan Pink on Ted
 Appshed example
 Flash fish
 Winter wonderland
 Scratch
 Logo
 Touch Develop
Winter Wonderland Winner
Winter Wonderland
Team work
 More team working makes getting started easier (Nesta)
 Who's the boss – Yr 9 revision in teams
 Appshed in 3s with specific responsibilities
 Plenty of paired programming and
peer assessment - AS Computing
 Logo – pairs to start
 Scratch course with Karen Brennan
at CAS in pairs and swap
after 15 minutes
KS2 at Habs this year
 Great year A level and GCSE and Bio
 Started April 2013 - 12 months to develop
 Trialling with 4 new keen staff
 Working with a variety of companies and Miles and
seeing what works from staff and student point of view.
 Chocolate and Competitions?
 Clubs scratch in Y4 & film making Y6
 Open Day boys showing off Pi and Scratch
Developing staff takes time
 Computational thinking and programming skills takes
time to develop confidence
 Time needed for finding out what works and
developing staff skills. Margaret Cox and her Dentists?
 Cross curricular /Discrete (A level)
 Moocs - University of Reading on programming hard
work 90 + per week and falling behind
 UEA - introduction to concepts still between 60 - 90
mins per week
What next for me?
 Understand the new orders - still getting to grips with
the new one. NAACE and CAS essential.
 Collaborate more widely and share lessons learned
 Miles Berry essentials for 30, 40 & 60 or cross curricular
 Shelagh Mackenzie at Herts great work
 Listen to kids at school
 Understand what works
Any recommendations?
 Where / How do we find the staff, time and resources?
 Is there Transferability between schools?
 Next for you blogs on Miles KS2
 Matt Brittland
 Chris Wiggins
 Loads of others e.g.
Charles Crook University of Nottingham - pedagogy
ISC ICT New Website
 One place for feedback and post papers
 Access to comment on our Blogs, Technical strategy,
info and news
 Post examples
of good practice
 Searchable
Archive Papers
and information
Computing the New Curriculum
How can Technology damage you?
Facebook Depression
Narrow Blood vessels
50% have finger pain
12.5% hearing loss
Only 20% get 9 hours sleep
84% back Pain
Papert, Mindstorms
Program or be
“It’s the pedagogy, stupid”
• Improve assessment (neglected, analytics, formative, adaptive)
• Learn by Making (mending, mashing, making & the
• Upgrade practice (innovate more – analytics and adatpive
• Turn the world into a learning place (only connect, get
• Make learning more social (guide on the stage, multimedia)
Charles Crook University of Nottingham - pedagogy

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