The Hunger Games Chapters 16-18

The Hunger Games
Chapters 16-18
Steve Shike
Rich Braunreuther
Layunie Matthews
Chapter 16 Summary
• Rue and Katniss are happy with the trust
they have and go to sleep.
• Katniss is thinking of a plan as she falls
asleep to get the careers food/supplies.
• They wake up to a cannon shot- one more
is dead.
• They eat breakfast: raw eggs, rabbit leg,
and some berries.
• They set out for the careers camp and
forage for more food and finalize there
plan to get the careers food.
Putting the plan into action
• The set-up
– Rue to set three fires in the outer area of the arena to distract
the careers.
– Katniss carries out a plan to destroy the career’s supplies. The
“plan” is still not fully thought out because she needs to see the
• The camp
– No one stays to protect the supplies.
– The supplies must be booby-trapped .
• Foxface
– Does a kind of dance to get in to where the supplies are .
– Only takes enough not to be noticeable.
• Land mines and boy from District 3
– Katniss will shoot three arrows into a sack of apples and they will
fall down and set off the land mines.
• The explosion
Chapter 16 Analysis
Trusting another tribute vs. Using them.
Working together to stay alive, while knowing that the other has to die for you to “win”.
Katniss and Rue truly trust each other.
The Careers use Peeta and the boy from District 3.
Katniss thinks that if she doesn’t win, she wants Rue to.
Cato kills the boy from district 3 when he no longer is of any use to the careers.
Trust: Building relationships for the good of both.
Food: Sustains life and builds strength.
Mocking-jays: Hidden communication.
Explosion: Devastation , destruction of sustenance.
Katniss & Rue becoming allies
Devising a plan
Getting the upperhand on the careers.
Katniss’s feelings towards the boy from District 3 and he “got over” on the Capital.
Katniss’s feelings towards Foxface and her ability to get the careers supplies without them knowing
Chapter 17 Summary
• The careers camp/supplies are destroyed.
• Katniss is hurt and must hide.
• The careers realize the bomber must still be
alive, when they don’t see anymore pictures
in the night sky.
• Foxface makes another appearance.
• Katniss is late, but Rue is not at the meeting
place…Katniss is worried.
• Katniss finds Rue, but it is too late.
Chapter 17 Analysis
Self-reliance – Katniss shot two fish; ate one raw and saved the other for
Communication – Rue used the mocking-jay to communicate her four-note
tune to Katniss.
Faith vs. Doubt – Katniss had faith that Rue was still alive, but then had
doubts because she could have missed the cannon shots.
Cold Water – Invigorating effect on Katnisses bady and her spirit.
Cold Breeze – Alone
Confident – “Having the bow and arrows makes me far more confident
about my future prospects”, says Katniss.
Cynical – “Let the seventy-fourth games begin, Cato….Let them begin for
Horror – “She just has time to reach her hand through the mesh and say my
name before the spear enters her body.”
Chapter 18 Summary
• Katniss’s quick action kills the boy from District 1 before he can pull
another spear on her.
• Katniss assures Rue that she destroyed the careers camp.
• Rue asks Katniss to sing.
• Katniss is angry, not at the boy from District 1, but at the Capital.
• Katniss’s second act of defiance.
– She now understands Gale’s rants.
– She now understands what Peeta was trying to say on the roof.
• A gift from District 11.
• Katniss thanks them openly.
• Katniss becomes much like her mother after her father’s death – she
has a new understanding of what her mother went through.
• Katniss challenges the other tributes to come and get her by doing
things to entice them…no one falls for her traps.
Claudius Templesmith annouces:
Under the new rule, both tributes from the
same district will be declared winners if
they are the last two alive.
Before she can stop herself Katniss calls out
Peeta’s name.
Chapter 18 Analysis
Hatred of the Capital – She hate the other tributes, but the capital or what
she has done to them…Rue’s death.
Understanding of others – Katniss has a new understanding for the people
in her life.
– Her mother.
– Gale
– Peeta
Bread - Warth, home , life
Daisies – Peace, defiance.
Defiant – She makes the wreath around Rue.
Ironic – The new Rule…but this is a game of killing each other.
Sad - Over the death of Rue and her lonliness
Hopeful – ends on a hopeful note as Katnis scalls for Peeta.

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