Pack 95 2013-2014 New Parent Info

September 9 2013
Scott A. Harris
Committee Chair
 Why Scouting
 Pack Organization
 Funding
 Uniforms/Advancement
 Scouting Activities
 2013-2014 Program
Why Scouting?
 Social Skills
 Team Building
 Goal Oriented
 Values
 Leadership
 Life Skills
 It is the intent of the pack leadership to provide new
parents and scouts of Pack 95 an overview and
discussion of the this year’s outing and pack while still
maintaining an effective scout program that provides a
fun learning environment and that enables each cub
scout to progress in the scouting program.
Pack Organization
 Den – Group of 6-8 boys
 Den Leader - Leads the den to advancement
 Pack - Group of Dens – Meet once a month
 Cub Master - MC for Pack Meetings
 Committee Chair – Overall Leader of Pack
 Committee (Treasurer, Recorder, Advancement Chair,
Council Rep, Trainer)
 Chartered Organization
 Council
 District
The pack is run by the pack committee.
The pack committee is made up of volunteer parents who perform the
duties listed below:
 Led by a committee chairperson.
 The committee selects leadership, finds meeting places, performs
record keeping, manages pack finances, keeps advancement records
and shops for badges, maintains pack equipment, helps train leaders
and support pack den and webelos leaders.
The pack is owned by the chartered organization: Parents of Cedar Wood
 Charter organizations include schools, parent/school organizations,
religious organizations, service clubs and other organizations
interested in youth.
 Charter organizations approve the leaders in the unit, help to secure
meeting places, and keep the pack within their own and Boy Scouts of
America policies.
 Parental Input and Volunteers are ALWAYS
encouraged to bring fresh ideas, resources and
guidance in order to keep the program fresh, focused
and above all Fun!
 Need Committee Members!
 Feel free to contact any member of the pack leadership
regarding ideas and thoughts to help improve the pack
and its program.
 Volunteer!
Pack 95 Leadership Roster
Committee Chair
Scott Harris
Chartering Org. Rep.
L. Kastelle
Elsa Clark
Azis Huda
Elsa Clark
J. Robinson
Mike Vincent
S. Thatcher
S. Thatcher
Susan Kane
Cub Scout Master
Mike Vincent
Doug Robinson
S. Thatcher
Web 1
D. Lee
Web 2
B. Coxen
Popcorn Fundraising:
Goal: $300.00 per scout to fund a years activities
 Online Selling Options
 Door to Door
 Site Sales
 Not every activity we can fund as a pack
 Boeing & Microsoft Employees
 Buy Out Option
Uniforms - Ranks
Awards & Badges
 Your son’s grade in school will determine which group he joins within
your pack.
First Grade Boys – Become Tiger Cubs.
They work on their Tiger Badge then earn their Bobcat Badge.
Second Grade Boys – Become Wolf Cubs. They start with the Bobcat
Badge and then work on the Wolf.
Third Grade Boys – Become Bear Cubs. They start with the Bobcat
Badge and then work on their Bear Badge.
Fourth and Fifth Grade Boys – Become Webelos Scouts. Webelos
Scouts work on their Webelos Badge and then the Arrow of Light.
Webelos stands for We’ll Be Loyal Scouts. It is a transition program
between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. If they are joining for the first
time, they will earn the Bobcat Badge as well.
All boys join with their current grade – there is no need to “work his
way up.”
Tiger Cubs
 Has three or more Tiger Scout/Adult Partners.
 Meets at least twice per month in a den meeting, and has one
outing a month, called a Go See It. The den also takes part in the
monthly pack meetings. Each family takes a turn working with
the den leader to plan and lead a den meeting and /or activity.
Meetings are based on ideas taken from the Tiger Cub
 Works on the Tiger Badge as they progress
 This person is someone from among the Tiger parents who helps
organize the den and serves as a resource for activities. The den
leader helps the group get organized and helps throughout the
year to coordinate with the pack.
 You could volunteer to help in this capacity. Training is available
to help you have fun with your Tigers.
 Wolfs, Bears, Webelos (2nd through 5th grades):
 Your boy is a member of a den that
 Ideally has 6 to 8 boys.
 Meets once per week or twice per month, regularly
scheduled at the leader’s convenience.
 Is led by a den leader (usually a parent) who’s is
assisted by another adult and often a den chief (which
is a Boy Scout age youth), and a “denner” (a Cub Scout
selected by the group.)
 All scouts earn the Bobcat badge upon joining, They
learn the Cub Scout Promise, Law of the Pack,
handshake, salute, sign, motto and the meaning of
“Webelos.” After receiving the Bobcat Badge, the boy
works on requirements based on his grade or age.
 A Wolf Scout works on 12 achievements to earn the
Wolf Badge. After he earns his wolf badge, he may
work on electives in different areas and earn arrow
points. For every 10 electives a boy completes, he earns
an Arrow Point. A Cub Scout may earn as many arrow
points as time and inclination allow.
 A Bear Scout completes 12 of 24 achievements to earn the
Bear Badge. After he earns his Bear Badge, he may work on
electives in different areas until he is old enough to begin
work on the next rank. For every 10 electives a boy
completes, he earns an Arrow Point. A Cub Scout may earn
as many arrow points as time and inclination allow.
 Webelos scouts work on requirements for the Webelos
Badge, 20 activity badges and the Arrow of Light Award
(the highest award in Cub Scouting) which prepares him
for Boy Scouting.
 Arrow of Light
Pack Meetings
 Pack Meetings
- Provide Direction & Purpose
- Enable Award Ceremonies
- Fun
- Coordination of Pack Outings
- Provide Educational Programs
Pack Meeting Schedule
 Second Monday of each month
from 7-9pm roughly.
 Cedar Wood Cafeteria or
Pine Meadow Park
 Not Mandatory
 No Dec or Aug Meeting
 Pack Meetings are NOT
the Scouting Program!
Example Pack Meeting Activities
- Boy Scout Camperee
- Emergency Kit/First Aid Training
- Blue & Gold Banquet
- Crossover
- Space Derby
- Game Night
- Reptile Man
- K9/Fire/Police Visits
- Pinewood Derby
- Bobcat Ceremony
Pack Outings
 Pack Outings are strongly encouraged by the BSA as
they provide a venue and vehicle for scout
achievement, social interaction and team building
 Pack Outings are also FUN!
 Pack Outings also provide fun
activities that parents and
siblings can participate
as well.
 Funding by the Pack
Outings Ideas?
 Camp Kasey
 Lake Wenatchee
 Dungeness Spit
 Ape Caves
 Mt Saint Helens Trail of Destruction
Pack Community Service Activities
- Veterans Day Activities
- 9/11 Ceremony
- Memorial Day Flag
- Trail & Park Clean Up
Fire Mountain
Fathers Day Weekend
- Free Pack Event
- Fishing & Hiking
- Outdoor Segments
Program 2013
 September
 Meeting- Popcorn Brief, New Scouts, Family Orientation
 Activity – Fall camping at Fire Mountain
 Service – 9/11 Ceremony at Cedarwood
 October
 Meeting - Police/Fire/Emt/Sarvi
 Activity – Rain Gutter Regatta / Popcorn Sales
 Service - ?
 November
 Meeting – Veteran’s Day – (speaker?)
 Activity -?
 Service – Veteran’s Day assembly at Cedarwood
 December
 No Pack Activities
Program 2014 Winter/Spring
 January
 Meeting- Game Night/Enviroment (Sarvi?)
 Activity – Swimming at Lynwood (Popcorn permitting
 Service –
 February
 Meeting - Blue and Gold Banquet
 Activity –
 Service - ?
 March
 Meeting/Activity – Pinewood Derby
 Service –
 April
 Meeting  Activity – Woodland Park or Science Center Camping
 Service - ?
Program 2014 Spring/Summer
 May
 Meeting Activity – Biking
 Service –
 June
 Meeting - Cross Over
 Activity – Camping at Fire Mountain
 Service - ?
 July
 Meeting - None
 Activity – Hike/Other
 Service –
 August
 Meeting - None
 Activity – Day Camp
 Service - ?
Pack 95
 Pack Website
 BSA Website
 Committee Members
 Committee Meetings – Every 2nd Thursday
 District Round Tables
 BALOO Training
 Parent or Volunteer BSA Training
Pack 95
Have A Great Year!

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