PowerPoint Presentation - David

This was the summer
of David!
Where was David born?
From what tribe was David
When David was a boy,
what was his job?
What musical instrument
did David play?
David Wrote songs. What
are they called?
What wild animals did David
kill to protect the sheep?
Who was David’s father?
David was just a boy, why
was he at the battle?
Did David’s brothers want him
to fight Goliath?
Why did David say he was not
What did King Saul promise to give
David if he killed the giant?
How many stones did
David take to battle?
Where did David get the
five smooth stones?
Why didn’t David wear
Who was the giant David
had to defeat?
How tall was Goliath ?
Goliath wasn’t an Israelite, he
was a _____________?
What was the weapon David
used against Goliath?
Where did the stone hit
After David killed Goliath, what
did the priest of Nob give him?
What was
the name of
the valley
where David
God told Samuel
to go to the
house of Jesse to
find the new
king? What was
he to take with
When Samuel ask Jesse for his sons,
how many sons did he bring to him?
What did Samuel asked Jesse after
he had seen the seven sons?
Jesse told Samuel he had one other
son, David. Where was David?
Who anointed David?
How did Samuel know David
was the right one?
What king did
David play the
harp for who
later tried to
kill him?
Who was
David’s best
Think about David
Think about David
Thank you all for being here
on Sunday mornings to study
and learn about God.
Before you leave today, please
remember to thank your

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