Case Study Assignment Grandma*s Boy

Aleatra Nading and Nina
Helen Jamison is first year, second grade teacher at C.E
Connors Elementary School
Her classroom strategies and practices go smoothly expect for
the disturbance of one child named Justin Richardson who
transferred from a different school in the county
Justin did not complete any assignments and was constantly
Ms. Jamison scheduled a meeting with Justin’s father (the
grandma showed up as well) to develop a home-school
behavior management program
The meeting did not go well; the dad, Justin and grandmother,
Ann did not want to participate in the program
Ann tells Ms. Jamison that Justin wants to see his parents back
together but Ann bad mouths the mother during the meeting
and blames his mother for his behavior
Justin’s dad is quiet during the meeting and Ann does most of
the talking
Justin’s grandmother beats him at home to “put sense in
Ms. Jamison tells Justin’s dad and grandmother that they all
need to work together to help Justin
Ms. Jamison tells his grandma and father that he does not
respond to praise or criticism, rewards or punishments and
has failed every section of the unit test in reading
Ms. Jamison called Justin’s first grade teacher, Judy, and she
informed her that Justin’s mom is no longer in the picture
Judy recommended that Justin have testing done but his
father refused (Judy was convinced that is was grandma who
blocked the testing)
Ms. Jamison uses Judy’s strategy and got help from the
school physcologist
Ms. Jamison concluded that Justin has emotional problems
and maybe a learning disability and she cannot do it alone
 Reading
the case, we felt frustrated for
Justin and Ms. Jamison. Justin obviously
needed support from the school since he
was not receiving it at home. We agreed
with Ms. Jamison that Justin needed to be
evaluated and have an IEP put in place. We
feel that Ms. Jamison should try to just meet
with the father and social worker without
Ann being involved. There needed to be
more communication between the support
staff, teachers, and family.
 Justin’s
father did not voice his opinion but
instead followed Ann’s parenting advice
 Ann was over bearing and had the final say
in Justin’s life
 Justin’s mother had no involvement in his
life and moved away
 Ann feels the best way to discipline Justin is
to use corporal punishment
 Ann has hatred towards her ex-daughter-inlaw and does not want Justin to think about
 The
school did not know anything about
Justin and his history
 Ms. Jamison wanted an evaluation done on
Justin but the administration declined
saying that the family would not allow it
 The administration recommended working
with the school psychologist Ron Saunders
 Ms. Jamison, Ron, and the principal planned
another meeting with the child study
 Justin
was very emotionally unbalanced due
to his home life. He was struggling to accept
his parents’ divorce and his grandma living
with him. Justin felt that he did not have any
positive adult role model that he could trust.
Even though Justin pushed people away he
wanted a relationship. Justin became
frustrated while doing school work because
he did not understand the information and
he did not have a role model to help him at
Due to the fact that Ms. Jamison did not get the
support she needed from Justin’s father we would try
to social services to see if we can have the mother
 Justin’s family is not supportive, however we feel it is
important to be persistent and develop a plan for
• We would try to schedule a home visit with Justin and his family
(with school psychologist)
Even if we are not getting the response we want from
his family, it is important to remain calm and positive
 We want to work with Justin’s family sooner than later
so the problem does not become worse
 As
a mandatory reporter we will contact
social services because the grandmother
told Ms. Jamison that she beats her
 We think an IEP should be enforced and
• The issue is that Justin’s father does not agree to this
 Communication
with the Special Education
program at school
 Work together with the school physiologist
to help create a behavior management plan
 We
will need to communicate with the
administration and keep them updated on
Justin’s behavior and our plan
 Administration needs to be aware of the
situation at hand
 Collaboration with school staff and
administration is important to make sure
that expectations and consequences are the
same throughout the school
 We will communicate to administration that
we will seek social services and keep them
up to date on his plan with the family
Justin will be allowed exceptions in his work
We will remain patient at all times and keep calm
with Justin and his struggles
 We will have a chart for Justin so that he is
completing his work
 We will differentiate our instruction to meet his
specific struggles and make sure he gets extra
 If an aide is necessary and available we will
accommodate one for Justin
 We will make sure our instructions are clear
enough for Justin to understand
Since Justin is new to the school we will try to
obtain as much background information as
• Contact previous teachers, administration, and case
Although previous information is helpful we will
not label Justin based on that information. We will
give Justin an equal chance in the classroom.
 Have clear expectations of all students and a
common set of rules
• Rules will be specific so that students will know what is
expected of them and know the consequences if they
break a rule
Justin and Ms. Jamison need to develop a trusting
relationship. Justin needs to learn how to get along
with his peers and other staff in the building.
 There needs to be a positive relationship between
the teacher and family. They need to work together to
support Justin.
 Communication is important in building strong
relationships, between staff, the teacher, family and
 The students and staff need to be patient with Justin.
The teacher can remind students to be work well
together and be patient together.
• The more the other students get to know Justin, the more he will
open up and build relationships
 We
will have Justin fill this inventory out
in school
• Student interest surey.doc
 We
will have Justin and his family fill this
inventory out at home
 Individual Inventory:
• Justin will fill this inventory out by himself. It will
help us get to know him better and his likes/dislikes.
This is one way we can make connections to Justin.
This will also help us create lessons geared towards
his interests.
 Family Inventory:
• Justin and his family will fill this out together so his
family can be involved in the process. They can tell
us about Justin from their point of view. This
inventory also gives us background information
about the family and their interests.
This assignment chart will be useful to keep Justin on
track. He will write the assignment down and then he
will get a sticker for completing the assignment. If he
gets 80% of his assignments done, he will get a
reward. This is asking a lot out of Justin because he
did not complete any assignments before this is
implemented. This is a good visual incentive for
Justin. His family can also be involved by looking at
his assignments and seeing if he got a sticker or not.
They can also keep track of what he is getting done
at home. The school psychologist will also use a
similar chart for things that he is working on such as
behavior. It is helpful for Justin that the charts are the
same so he knows what is expected from him.

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