YMEP and Lessons Learned (ppt)

YMEP and lesson learned
How we brought back experience from the project Young
men as equal partners to Sweden
About RFSU and me
The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, is a
politically and religiously independent member
organisation dedicated to promoting an unprejudiced
and open-minded attitude to sex and relationship
issues, through information, education and lobbying.
Pelle Ullholm
Sexuality educators since 2001. Today master trainers of
RFSU-trainers . I educates both professionals, RFSUtrainers, and end users (mostly teenage boys).
Our Swedish project - boys groups
Pilot project during three years with the same group of
educator in the suburbs of Stockholm.
Developing new methods based on evidence and
Processed based learning for educators and the boys.
It was a bit like a very long work shop.
Results: Evaluation with teachers, school staff
and headmaster
A calmer and safer environment in school
Decrease in homophobic and sexist language
More verbal and discussion keen pupils
Results: Evaluation with the boys
We had more than 90 % turnout in all sessions
65 out of 76 boys answered on our project evaluation
50 gave us the highest mark 5 (exellent)
15 gave us 4 (very good)
A big majority wanted to continue with the sessions
Many wanted the facilitators as ordinary teachers
Disposition & topics of discussion:
1st meeting: Presentation, rules, association around
sex/sexuality, anatomy
2nd: Film “First time", the concept of virginity, condoms
3rd: Reciprocity, love and LGBT
4th: Masculinities - to be/become a boy/man
5th: Violence (physical, mental, sexual), sexual
harassment (whore-player principle, double standard)
6th: Visit to the youth clinic, STIs and condom school
7th Pornography, internet, closure
Size of group
about ten boys in each group with two professional sexuality
educators from RFSU
How often
once a week, 7-10 times/semester, each session at least 90 minutes
In school, on ordinary school time (but not compulsory)
Important to have time between the sessions to give the boys time to
think and reflect around the issues we discuss.
Three basic perspectives in YMEP
How to involve
young men as
equal partners
Agents of
The rule of mutual respect, consent
and understanding
The right to integrity and the
responsibility to respect other
people’s integrity. The aim is to
understand each other and at the
same time be faithfull to yourself.
Partner: Sex and gender
Focusing on gender inequality mainly regarding the right
to shape and express your sexuality and relations. We
talk about sexual spaces regarding sex and gender.
We explain the difference between sex and gender. Using
youth friendly methods we describe how gender is a
social construction and it can and will always
A negative wiew on females sexuality is a very important
topic. This will shape a dominant masculinity.
Partners: Hetero-, homo- and
Talking about hetero-, homo- and
bisexuality as very similar and equal.
But we talk about that sexual spaces
differ and its related to power.
This is important for sexual health, for a
right perspective and for a positive view
on sexuality.
Regarding masculinity homophobia and a
negative wiew on females sexuality are
very important topic. This will shape a
dominant masculinity.
Client - Young men and questions
Question box. Using their own questions will involve
them. Answer every single question. Tips: Internet
based question boxes
Anatomy. Facts about genitals. Emphasising changes in
the puberty, sexual response and pleasure. Similarities
between male and female genitals
Relations. How to flirt, how to show what you want.
Violence. A broad perspective based on their own
Condoms, testing and STI:s. Knowledge about
conodms, tests, vist a clinic.
Agent of change
Gender. How masculinity is a social construction and it
can and will always change, by giving examples
The wiew of changes. Potential, responsibility and
Youthfriendly methods. How to describe masculinity
theory when talking to boys? Method: Masculinity BOX
Focus on masculinity – Focus on masculinity not men or
Boys friendly approach. Knowing their everyday life and
respecting their positions right here is involving in it self
Agent of change
Acknowledge gender inequality
Acknowledge that it also affects boy’s and men’s life's in
negative ways
Acknowledge that masculinity is a social construction.
Keep in mind: Just being in the group of boys and only
listening and talking in a normcritical way about sex,
love, feelings, friendship and family is challenging the
dominant masculinity.
We educated all trainers in the organisation and
involved this perspective when meeting young boys
and girls
We added this perspective when educating
professionals at youth friendly clinics and teachers
We presented this small project when meeting other
NGOs working in the field of gender
In short we did not scaled up this project at all. We
involved it in our regular work.
Scaling up
Right now we work with two new project where we
involving this thinking. This is the right time to scaling
Youth clubs in eight different cities. Focusing on
educating the professionals and involving the leaders of
the cities.
Soccer for all. Now we work with the biggest soccer club
in Sweden. Focusing on educating the trainers in
issues about sexism, racism and masculinity.
Thank you!
[email protected]
Facebook: Pelle Ullholm

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