Bronze--Unit Three Study Guide At the start of *The Third Wish,* the

At the start of “The Third Wish,” the
only thing troubling Mr. Peters is that
he is
 lonely
In “The Third Wish,” Mr. Peters does not
use up all three of his wishes at once
because he wants to _____________.
Save them for later
In “The Third Wish,” Mr. Peters changes
Leita back into a swan because she is
Unhappy as a human
In “The Third Wish,” the reason Mr.
Peters does not move to a drier
spot after being stricken with
rheumatism is that he wants to
Stay near the two swans
In “The Third Wish,” the most likely
reason that many people became a
little frightened of Mr. Peters is because
he ___________________ to his swans.
In “The Third Wish,” when Mr.
Peters is found dead, smiling happily
and holding a withered leaf and a
white feather, the writer is
suggesting that he
Wished for his own death
The lesson that can be learned from
“The Third Wish” is you can’t force
that isn’t meant to be
In “A Boy and a Man,” the problem that
Rudi faces is that he has to rescue a
man ______________________.
who is trapped in a crevasse
In “A Boy and a Man,” Rudi does not
want to go to Kurtal for help because
the man in the crevasse ___________
in the time it will take to get a rescue
might freeze to death
The passage from “A Boy and a
Man” that helps you predict that Rudi
will rescue the man successfully is
 Somehow he stopped slipping. Somehow he held on.
In “A Boy and a Man,” Captain Winter is
astonished to discover that Rudi is “just
a boy” because Rudi was
 Strong enough to rescue him
In “A Boy and a Man,” Rudi is amazed
that he has saved Captain John Winter
because Captain Winter is a
famous mountaineer
In “A Boy and a Man,” Captain
Winter is impressed that Rudi’s father
was Josef Matt, a ________________.
great guide in the Alps
In “A Boy and a Man,” Rudi and Captain
Winter discuss the different sides of the
Citadel because both of them have
studied _______________.
 ways to climb the Citadel
In “A Boy and a Man,” the conflict that
Rudi faces in addition to the conflict
with nature is that he wants to be a
climber, but his _________________
for him to be one.
 his mother is afraid
In the excerpt from Into Thin Air, the
Icefall is ______________________.
 a glacier
The description from Into Thin Air
explains that shows why it is so difficult
to climb the Icefall is that the glacier is
in a continual and often violent state of
flux. This added an ________________.
 element of uncertainty to every ladder crossing
In the excerpt from Into Thin Air, the
final challenge the climbers face before
they can arrive at Camp One is that
they must climb up and over a
 giant, offkilter serac
In “The Charge of the Light Brigade,”
the Light Brigade is a
 group of six hundred British soldiers on
The line in “The Charge of the Light
Brigade” that explains why the soldiers
followed orders and charged the enemy
army despite being outnumbered and
not as heavily armed is
Theirs is not to reason why
The repeated line in “The Charge of
the Light Brigade” that adds to the
feeling of soldiers charging on
horseback is
Rode the six hundred
The lines in “The Charge of the
Light Brigade” that tells you that not all
the Light Brigade soldiers survived is
Then they rode back, but not the six hundred
The statement that best describes what
King Henry V is telling his men in the
“St. Crispian’s Day Speech” is the men
will be ______________ to have fought
in this great battle.
 proud
In the “St. Crispian’s Day Speech, King
Henry V refers to the men who are
____________ as “gentlemen in
England, now a-bed”
 now a-bed
The child’s flowers symbolize the child’s
_____________ in “The Enemy”.
 ability to see beauty despite the effects of war
According to the speaker of “The
Enemy”, those who can find beauty in
the middle of war are the
 children
The veteran miners in “The Californian’s
Tale” ________________ him to sleep.
 pretend his wife is returning, then drug
The poet is speaking to the _________
in “Valediction”.
 the lady
In “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy
Evening,” the speaker stops by
 by deserted woods
In “Four Skinny Trees,” the
author is comparing the trees to
 herself
In the following sentence from “Four
Skinny Trees,” what is the author saying
about herself? She, like the trees,
For who don’t belong here but are here
 does not belong in the city
According to the author of “Four Skinny
Trees,” _______________ makes the
trees strong.
 their anger
The speaker in “Four Skinny Trees” is
probably ______________________.
 A teenager
What is special about the place where
the poet stops in “Stopping by Woods
on a Snowy Evening”? It is a
______________________ place.
 peaceful and beautiful
What do you learn about the poet’s
beliefs in this line from
To me every hour of the light and dark is a miracle. He
believes that every moment of day and night is
 He believes that every moment of the day and night is

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