for SES Service Providers

Provider Refresher
August 2011
Send requests for login
credentials and questions to:
[email protected]
 Providers do not enroll students in SuperSTARS. The
district assigns students to specific providers for
specific periods
 Providers can see their assigned students on-line at
any time (Rosters)
 Providers enter ILPs and student attendance on-line
 SuperSTARS provides “official billing reports” that
account for attendance exceptions by the districts and
for student PPA use
 Providers are able to see these adjustments on-line
 Students without approved ILPs will not be included
on the official billing reports
Accessing SuperSTARS
 Go to
 Don’t forget the “s” at the end of http! If you do, you will
be trying to log in to STARS, a separate system!
 Set a bookmark or favorite after arriving at the site.
 Enter your username and password and click “Login”.
“Home” Link
Clicking “Home” on the blue bar at the top will always bring
you to the start page (the Main Menu).
Basic State Functions
State Users MUST
Define SES Districts
Set District PPAs
Define SES Providers
Define SES Schools
Set provider rates in each district
Basic District Functions
For each program year Districts MUST:
Enter or update student records
Enable providers in their district
Assign students to providers
Review and approve ILPs
Review and print official billing reports
Districts SHOULD
Verify attendance entered by providers
Districts MAY
Track the status of applications received
Provider Functions
 Providers MUST
 Complete ILPs
 Enter student attendance
 Submit sign-in sheets
sheets can be printed from SuperSTARS for students
entered into provider bins.
Providers can also use their own district and state-approved
sheets.
 Rosters show the students that a provider is/has been
authorized to provide services to by a district.
 There are two types of rosters
 Daily roster – shows the students assigned to your
program on a particular day. You can only enter
attendance for days on which the student appears on
your daily roster.
 Historical roster – shows students assigned to your
program at any time during the program year.
 Daily Rosters show students assigned to your program
on a specified day.
 The roster also shows the start and end dates of the
student’s assignment to your program.
ILP Entry
Select ILPs on the
home page
Provider Functions
ILP Entry
After selecting the program year,
district, and ILP status to view (All,
Incomplete, …) click “Search ILPS.”
A list of matching students will be
shown. Click on the name of the
student that you want to work with.
If you choose “All” then a blank in the
ILP status column indicates that an
ILP has not been created yet. An
“incomplete” indicates that the ILP
exists but has not been marked as
complete by the provider.
ILP Entry
ILPs are completed on a singlepage form. Enter information as
needed, including pre-test scores
and student GLEs. When you are
done, be sure to click “Save” to save
your changes. When the ILP is
ready for district review, check the
box at the top of the form to put it in
the district’s review queue.
ILP Status
ILPs can have no status (meaning they have not been created), or a
status of incomplete, waiting approval, approved or disapproved.
Disapproved ILPs can be edited and re-marked as complete to put
them back in the District’s approval queue.
Provider Functions
ILP Status
ILP Status
Provider Sees
District Sees
Provider Functions
Attendance Entry
Attendance Entry
Specify the program year, district, and month/year of
attendance. A list of students assigned to your program in that
month will be displayed when you click the “Filter by Last Name”
button. Click “Select” on the student’s row to open the
attendance records for that student.
Attendance Entry
Enter the hours and the subject for
each day the student attended.
Bins and Sign-In Sheets
 “Bins” are used to make collections of students to work
 A bin often corresponds to a specific site or class
 Students must be in bins in order to print sign-in
sheets from SuperSTARS
Bins and Sign-In Sheets
 Existing bins are shown at
the top. You can assign a
bin-level user to bins with
the “edit” link
 Add bins in the middle of
the page. You may assign a
bin-level user at this time.
All bins are accessible to
Provider SUs so bin-level
users assignments are not
 Students must be in bins in
order to print sign-in sheets
from SuperSTARS
Bins and Sign-In Sheets
 Students are assigned to bins at the bottom of the page.
 Enter all or part of the student’s last name and click “Filter” to return a list of
matching students. Leave the name filed blank to return all students.
 Assign a student to a bin by clicking “Edit” on the student’s row. Select the
bin to assign them to and click the “Update” link.
Bins and Sign-In Sheets
 Access sign-in sheets from the button on the home page
 Specify the bin that you want to print sheets for
 Specify the sign-in sheet format by pressing the appropriate button at the
Bins and Sign-In Sheets
 There are currently three types of sign-in sheets:
 Weekly sign-in sheets for per-student forms for a week beginning in the date that
you specify
 Daily sign-in sheets that print all students in the bin for the day specified
 Monthly sign-in sheets
 The format that you should use will be specified by the state.
The Monthly Attendance Status Report
 The Monthly Attendance Status Report gives you a
quick overview of attendance data status
 Click the “Attendance” button on the home page
The Monthly Attendance Status Report
 Click the Monthly Attendance Status Report Button
The Monthly Attendance Status Report
 Specify the district, provider, program year, month and
year as needed
• Then click the “Return
Results” button
The Monthly Attendance Status Report
student ILP status
black digits – attendance is unlocked
clear background – attendance has not been verified or excepted
Attendance does not have to be verified to appear on the Official Billing Report. In this
example, that report would show that the provider would be reimbursed for 16 of the 20
hours entered for Kevin Hackenjous, because only 4 hours have been excepted.
Automatic PPA Adjustments
In October two of T-Provider 1’s students exhausted their PPA. Note
the revisions to the charges.
The Official Billing Report
•The SuperSTARS Official Billing Report is the only approved billing
•Providers can see attendance verified (approved) or exception
(disapproved) status on-line.
•Adjustments due to PPA exhaustion are also shown.
•NOTE: Accurate PPA tracking depends on timely and accurate data entry
by the providers. Districts should complete a monthly billing cycle for
all providers before beginning on the next month.
•SuperSTARS tracks student PPA used even if there have been multiple
providers of services to the student.
District-Provider Cooperative Function
RECOMMENDED Invoice Reconciliation Process
Provider informs District that all attendance is entered and ready for review.
Provider submits required hardcopy verification documents (sign-in sheets)
District LOCKS provider’s attendance data for the period under review
District verifies or takes exception to each attendance entry*
District informs provider that data is ready for review and UNLOCKS
UNVerified, NonZero attendance. Note that this unlocking mechanism
prevents providers from entering “late” attendance after the verification
process has begun. PROVIDERS: be sure that *all* of your attendance is
entered by the district’s deadline!
Provider reviews exceptions and make corrections/takes corrective action as
allowed by the District, and notifies District on completion
District-Provider Cooperative Function
RECOMMENDED Invoice Reconciliation Process
District reviews exceptions and reverses where acceptable changes have
been made
At this point District and Provider should be able to agree on the
adjustments that are made. Additional iterations are the District’s option
District LOCKS provider attendance data for the period
District prints out final period Official Billing Report as basis for payment
District and Providers
ILPs and Billing Reports
If a student does not have an ILP approved by the
district, that student’s hours will not show on the
official billing report.

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