Machine Shop Clean-Up

After any work is done in the machine shop, clean up is required. When working on
the lathe or mill, it is suggested that clean-up begins at least 1/2 before the shop
closes. Everything must be left as clean as it was when you got there. If neglected,
this could result in loss of shop privileges.
Here is a checklist of duties that need to be completed prior to leaving the shop for
the night:
Lathe and Milling Machines:
• All chips must be swept/vacuumed up from the vise as well as on the
• Mat shaken out and swept around
• Lathe trough emptied of chips
• Tools put away in proper storage location
Machine Shop Clean-Up
All Tools Put Away:
• All micrometers, calipers, 12-in scales and other measuring
devices put in their proper home. If they are yours,
remember to take them home or store in a locker so they
do not get stolen.
• Chemicals, cleaning, and cutting fluids replaced in the
chemical cabinet
• All worn or broken tools reported.
Recycle Bin vs. Garbage Bin:
There are two different types of disposable bins available. One is reserved
entirely for chips. Do not mix the two!
Machine Shop Clean-Up
Rag Disposal
Proper disposal of shop rags are a major factor in the cleanliness, organization,
and safety of the shop. All rags or paper towels that come in contact with
general shop liquids must be disposed of in the metal red garbage cans with
the foot pedal opening mechanism. Rags should always be put in the bin with
the lid fully closed. Rags are not to be put on top of or around the outside of the
Improper rag disposal
Correct rag disposal
Machine Shop Clean-Up
The following instruction video will elaborately demonstrate proper shop
clean up. This is a video of cleaning the mill, but the same concepts
apply to the lathe and other general tools.
Be sure to leave your workspace cleaner than you found it for the next
*Link to Machine Shop Clean-Up Video

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