Top 10 Tips and Tricks in GP

 SalesPad delivers an all-in-one order entry,
inventory and sales management solution
 integrate seamlessly with Dynamics GP
 SalesPad simplifies the entry of all sales documents
 Whether entering quotes, orders, invoices, or
returns, SalesPad's easily configurable document
entry screen makes it possible to process more
orders with fewer resources.
 Configurability
 Sales document headers can be configured to
include easily created User Defined Fields. The
order of fields on the sales document Line Items
tab can be configured and saved by individual users
to match their document entry preferences.
 Visibility
 In addition, the SalesPad document entry screen
allows users to easily explore inventory availability,
review customer purchase history, view item
pricing, and apply predefined customer discounts.
 Margin by Line
 With proper security privileges, a SalesPad user can
quickly see gross margin by line item or for a total
document. The SalesPad Profitability window allows
users to explore the impact of price or cost changes
on a line item or the total document. This can be
done without ever changing the actual order until
the user is ready to apply the changes.
 Auditing
 The sales document Audit tab shows a complete
record of actions taken on each quote, order,
invoice, and return. These audit tab entries are
conveniently date and timed stamped and the
logged-in user is identified for each entry.
 Sales Monitor
 SalesPad Sales Monitor makes it simple to see
exactly where each document, regardless of type,
is in its predefined path and take the appropriate
action to move each to completion. Sales Monitor
allows you to see your complete business in a
single screen. In addition, the user can filter the
view to show only the details they want to see.
 Inventory Lookup
 SalesPad Inventory Lookup, available from the
main menu or from within sales document entry,
allows users to search by any part of the item
number or item description simultaneously. All
inventory data is presented in a grid where users
can easily refine their searches further. SalesPad
grids allow users to easily add or remove columns,
sort columns in ascending or descending order,
search for specific values, and even add User
Defined Fields to the grid.
 Purchasing Advisor
 The Purchasing Advisor makes it easy to view
demand throughout the system, either from
backordered items or from inventory items with
quantity below a set reorder point.
 Purchased Line Editor
 The SalesPad Purchased Line Editor allows users to
easily create changes to sales orders and purchase
orders with linked line items. From a single screen,
users with proper security can view all linked
documents and line items.
 SalesPad Mobile
 Access and manage your sales, customer, and
inventory data while on the go. SalesPad Mobile
gives Microsoft Dynamics GP users the power to
manage their customers, inventory, and sales
documents from the convenience of their iPhone,
iPad, or Android mobile device. Whether traveling,
on-site, or simply away from your desk, SalesPad
Mobile enables you to never be disconnected from
your company again.
 CardControl
 handles your transactions and stored card numbers
in the most secure fashion to protect your
customers and your company.
 Card Control
 Real-Time Processing & Verification
 Watch all of your payment processing and
verification as it happens. You can see the process
authorizations, charges, and credits live. This
includes level 2 & 3 verification processing, as well
as address & zip code verification (when supported
by the cardholder's bank).
 Card Control
 Easy to deploy and use, InventoryControl
increases accuracy & control in your warehouse
inventory operations. InventoryControl is designed
to work with SalesPad Solutions' DataCollection to
extend the level of control users have over their
warehouse inventory
 Warehouse Configuration
 Inventory Control gives you granular control over
every warehouse in your company. It allows users
to assign attributes to bins and items such as
maximum capacity, minimum inventory levels, and
usage restrictions. Users can edit a single bin or a
range of bins and configure them to have the
attributes they need to control inventory in each
location. The attributes assigned to bins and items
are read and enforced by the Warehouse
Management Engine when the user submits
inventory transactions.
 Warehouse Manager
 Warehouse Manager allows users to automate the
allocation of inventory based on configuration
settings and sales restriction unique to each item.
 Multi Order PO Receiving
 The Receiving screen makes it fast and easy to
search for receipt lines by vendor or purchase order
number and mark them as received. Receiving
transactions generates Purchase Receipts which are
grouped by PO number and vendor. Users can
receive one or more purchase orders
simultaneously and quickly
 Receipt Monitor
 Set up workflow for your receiving process that
matches your business needs and monitor your
receipts through that process with Inventory
Controls’ Receipt Monitor.
 Manage Serial/Lot Attributes
 Assign attributes to serial or lot number tracked
items. Users can see and edit manufactured dates,
expiration dates, and many other characteristics for
a specific serial or lot tracked merchandise. Existing
serial/lot attributes defined in Dynamics GP may
also be viewed and edited.
 makes your warehouse more accurate and efficient.
DataCollection runs on a barcode-scanner-equipped
Windows® mobile device and integrates directly
with Microsoft Dynamics™ GP.
SalesPad Data Collection
SalesPad Data Collection
SalesPad Receiving
 Receiving against a purchase order is the fastest
and most precise way of receiving merchandise.
With DataCollection it is simple too. PO Receiving
supports editing lot attributes, serial number
validation, and auto generation of serial/lot
SalesPad Data Collection-PICKING
SalesPad Data Collection- Bin and Site Transfers
 Transfer merchandise to different bins within your
site or to different sites in your company.
 Additional Features
 Stock Counts - Support your physical inventory
process with mobile entry of on-hand quantities.
Inventory Adjustments - Submit transactions to
increase or decrease on-hand quantities.
SalesPad Data Collection-PICKING
Email Integration
store relevant emails on the Customer Card, and to pull tasks
created in SalesPad onto your Outlook calendar as
Quote Follow-up
Make quote follow-up a breeze by auto-generating quote
follow-up reminders in SalesPad and linking them to
SalesPad Workflow example
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