Chinese Inventions

Chinese Inventions
By: Daniel Tecorral, David Kamenetz and Markus Joerg
The Chinese invented many great inventions like …
Decimal system
The Chinese had creative minds. The Chinese were a very strong nation. If you
read on we will explain these 6 inventions listed above.
A compass was if someone goes on a long journey and
gets lost. Then they can see which way they are heading.
The first compass was used by Han Dynasty. The first
compass was invented in 1300. The ancient Chinese
compass had a circle in the middle. The circle represents
the earth. You would put a spoon in the middle of the
circle and it would stick like a magnet and the compass
will work.
Gunpowder is a very important ancient invention. In
fact, we still use it today! The whole point of Gunpowder
is to fire guns. Gunpowder was invented in the 1800s.
Soldiers all over the world use Gunpowder. Gunpowder
changed Chinese celebrations and the way they did war.
Song Dynasty invented Gunpowder.
Papermaking is one of the most important inventions
because without paper we can’t write or draw. Cailun
invented paper in Ancient China. They made it out of
plant fiber[called Hemp] and mulberry bark. To make
paper you take the inner bark of a mulberry tree and
bamboo fibers . Then mix with water and pound it with
a wooden tool. Then you pour this mixture on to a piece
of woven cloth and let the water drain although leaving
only fibers on the cloth. Then let it dry . Papermaking
was invented in 105 A.D.
Crossbows are used for war. The crossbow was invented
around the year 700.BC. The crossbow was invented by
Mr. Chin. The crossbow is used like a gun and a bow. A
crossbow is mounted on a stick called a hiller or a stock.
You have to hold the crossbow vertically. The Terra
Cotta Warriors used crossbows.
Decimal System
The decimal system is very important. What the decimal
system does is it calculates percentage and money. The
inventor of the decimal system is Shang Dynasty.
Without the decimal system we would’t have ATMs,
cash registers and maybe even banks. The decimal
system was invented in 1536. the decimal system can
also be called Hindu-Arabic or Arabic-number sentence.
The decimal system is only base 10. the reason why it is
base 10 is because we have 10 fingers.
Printing is also one of the most important inventions.
Without it, it would take a very long time to write. Tang
Dynasty invented printing. He invented it in the 15th
century. A printing block is made by carving the letters
into wood. Then dip it into ink. Then press it down on
paper. Next press down the next letter until you have
finished writing the word. Tang Dynasty was the
emperor of China.
Do you think the Chinese made very good inventions?
Well if you don’t you have much to learn about. If you
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