New Oil Spill Technology for the Ocean

EST 70m Polar Ice-class 5 Ocean Oil Skimmer Ship
Preventing catastrophic damage
 The key to preventing catastrophic damage and
liability in a marine environment is a very fast and
effective cleanup response.
Ocean waves prevent mitigation
All existing techniques are…….
…….Hopelessly ………Slow……………..
Existing equipment is clumsy and
expensive and labour intensive
Large, expensive ships deploy little
toy skimmers, useless at sea……
Fragile tools have no place at sea
In-situ burning is slow & primitive
Dispersants are slow & poisonous
Who loves the status quo?
 The oil spill contractors
love the status quo.
 BP managers paid them (by the hour!) $8,000,000,000
(billion) and they accomplished next to nothing.
 48,000 workers and 1,000’s of vessels skimmed 3% of
the spilled oil. Three percent.
 In-situ burning, dispersants and 120 aircraft
“processed” 20% of the spilled oil (gross pollution).
Who else loves the status quo?
 Manufacturers of complex, slow, unwieldy and
unseaworthy equipment love the status quo. Slow
performance means many units are needed.
 Consultants love the status quo. New ideas are hard
work. The status quo today looks almost identical to
the status quo 40 years ago. No hard work needed!
 The next image shows a complex, slow, unwieldy
device that costs over $1,000,000. Healthy profits!
Fair-weather sailors…………
Will the future be better?
 Not if industry can help it.
 In September, 2010 the
concluded that:
Nonetheless, the current surface oil spill response system--as
exhibited in the DWH* Incident--continues to be effective**.
*Deepwater Horizon
What the world needs now
 Equipment that can pick the oil up from the sea and
carry it ashore for recycling or safe disposal.
 Equipment that is rugged, seaworthy, multifunctional
and low maintenance and not so expensive.
 Oil skimmer vessels and ships that can quickly recover
oil over large areas in rough seas and very heavy,
moving ice. High-speed vessels. Rugged vessels.
Multifunctional vessels.
And here it is, the FAST 25.0m
The ocean-going FAST 25.0m
 This high-speed, Canadian design incorporates the
proprietary Extreme Spill Technology (EST) oil
recovery system.
 The FAST 25.0m is an excellent patrol , standby,
rescue, firefighting and oil spill vessel.
 Capable of crossing any ocean in any season it only
needs 1.5 m of water, which allows use in deltas etc.
And the Oil Rig Supply Vessel or
Escort Tug with Oil Recovery Barges
Sweeps over 200,000 m2/hour
 Heavy steel or aluminum construction, multi-purpose
 Can efficiently recover oil in 5.0m-6.0m waves at
slower speeds
 Oil pumping capacity up to 3500 m3/hour with 24
Foilex TDS 250 oil transfer pumps
The EST oil spill system
How it works
 A vacuum pump on top fills the oil-trapping tower with
water like a straw sucking up a drink.
 The vessel drives over the oil slick and the floating oil slides
under the vessel’s flat bottom .
 When the submerged oil reaches the underwater opening
of the oil tower it floats upwardly to the top of the tower.
 When enough oil accumulates at the sealed tower top,
sensors activate an oil transfer pump.
No moving parts
No close tolerances
Similar to the time-tested JBF
But much improved……………..
 The JBF needs a conveyor belt and bow V-sweeps.
 These devices limit the working speed to 1.0 kt and are
easily disrupted by wave impact, ice and oil entrainment.
 With close tolerances and delicate features, they are prone
to breakdown.
 EST has no need of conveyor belts, bow V-sweeps, rotating
brushes, discs and drums etc. EST’s system is rugged!
Don’t go to sea in these………
And for the Arctic…………………….
Little toys won’t work..........
You need a Polar Ice-class 5 ship
Designed in Canada at UBC……
The EST Arctic oil skimmer ship
 70m x 23m with only a 5m draft, this vessel can skim
for oil at 4 kts and carry 2900 cubic metres of
recovered oil (18,000 bbls). A multifunctional ship.
 It can steam at 2 kts in level, first-year ice.
 It can stay on-station cleaning oil for 30 days.
 It has emergency accommodations for 12 extra persons.
A modern, sophisticated design
New thinking for a new age
EST _ built for Canadian seas

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