Er Men

Several families from the same clan shared a
pit house. Each clan was led by the oldest
clan member. The Chinooks traced their
clans through the
mother's family. Children belonged to
their mother's clan.
The chionook indians land area was big.
There land was on the countries of
Washington, and Oregon.
People in the Pacific Northwest like the
did not farm or keep animals. They hunted
and gathered their food. Mostly Chinook
people ate wild roots like Wapato (it's like a
potato) and huckleberries (like small
blueberries), and a lot of dried or roasted
salmon that they caught in the Columbia
river and other rivers that ran into the
The Chinooks lived in coastal villages of rectangular
cedar-plank houses with bark roofs. Usually these
houses were large (up to 70 feet long) and each one
housed an entire extended family. Here are some
pictures of Indian houses like the ones Chinook
Indians used. Today, old-fashioned buildings like
these are still made from cedar wood, but they are
only used for ceremonial purposes. Chinook people
live in modern houses and apartment buildings, just
like you.
Chinook war bands typically included a
significant proportion of bowmen. The
Chinook bow was typically a repurposed
hunting tool, and there is no strong
tradition of the manufacture of bows
specifically for war. The arrows were
usually tipped with flint arrowheads,
bound to a one- to two-foot shaft by sinew
cord and fletched with feathers or stiff
leaves. Bows occupied a skirmishing role
among the Chinook, with individual
bowmen firing at targets of opportunity,
with no real evidence of massed fire.
Story Gathering is held on the Second Saturday
of March, immediately following the
Council meeting, around noon
The Annual Meeting is held on the Third
Saturday of June, place to be announced.
Chinook artists are known for their fine beargrass baskets and woodcarving arts. Here
is a website about Chinook and other
Northwest Indian basketry.
The Chinook Indians used canoes for
The Chinook Indian tribe made
large dugout canoes by hollowing
out cedar or fir logs. The Chinook
tribe used these canoes to travel up
and down the sea coast for trading,
fishing and hunting, and warfare.
Chinook Indian

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