Who is that Person Waving a White Flag (June 14, 2014)

Who is that person waving a
white flag?
A quick guide for novice rowers
June 2014
Material: Malcolm Fletcher
Presentation: Ge-an Rijniersce
Umpires are everywhere
Why: For fair and safe racing for all competitors
• Control commission
• Start
• Race
• Finish
Pre Race
Minimize stress
• Practice skills such as backing up
• Study course maps (where available)
• Visit venue a day in advance
Control commission
• Bow balls
• Heel ties
Launch Early!
Warm up
• Wear your uniform
– this helps the umpires recognize your team
• Know the warm up & cool down patterns
– Avoid the ‘yelling umpire’
• Pull aside & stop rowing when a race
approaches you while rowing up to the start
– General courtesy to anyone racing
Start Zone
Minimize stress
• Know your race number & the type of event
ahead of your race
• Be near the start zone
– max 250 meters away
– at least 5 minutes before announce race time
• On Starter’s instructions to enter start zone
– This is the 5 minute call
Start Zone (2)
The Aligner aligns, the Starter starts
‘Locked on’ & ready to start at 2 minutes call
Attention – Go (watch the flag!)
Breakage in first 100 m
10 0m
Lane 1
Lane 2
Lane 3
Lane 4
Lane 5
Lane 6
The Race
Safety and Fairness:
• One or two following umpire boats
• No steering advice!
– A crew is responsible for their own steering
• Well … some steering directions
– When a race needs to be stopped
– When a crew needs to change it’s course
– When a specific crew needs to stop rowing
• Follow the instructions given
– Maximize performance
• Another Flag: only for the 1st across the line
– umpire following the race takes time
• A horn will sounds for all boats as they finish
• After you finish keep sitting upright
– Umpires like to know that everyone is all right
• Raise your hand for an objection
• Umpire indicates if the race was fair
• Clear finish area
Rules of Racing
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