Written assignment to review an exhibition or gallery display
800 -1000 words.
Due on 29/11 9.30am
'Art in the real world'
Write a review of an exhibition or display in a museum/gallery that you have
visited recently for an arts magazine.
Your review should contextualise the artwork from a social, cultural and
historical perspective.
No longer than 1,000 words and no shorter than 800. Include references and
IMMA; Irish Museum of Modern Art
Friday, Nov. 1st, 10:00
Museum Entrance on Military Road
By Luas: Red line to Heuston Station, 5 minute walk to Museum
entrance on Military Road. For further information about Luas please
click here
By bus: Buses to Heuston Station (5 minutes walk via Military Rd): 26
from Wellington Quay; 51, 79 from Aston Quay; 90 Dart Feeder Bus
from Connolly and Tara Street Stations to Heuston Station.
Buses to James St (5 minutes walk via steps to Bow Lane onto Irwin
St and Military Rd): 123 from O'Connell St/Dame St; 51B, 78A from
Aston Quay.
The first major retrospective of Leonora Carrington's work in Ireland, this
iconic exhibition is a timely rediscovery of this Surrealist painter and her
role in the Surrealist art movement.
Carrington is known for her figurative dreamscapes filled with extraordinary
and complex narratives informed by her rich interest in mythology, alchemy,
fairy tales and the occult.
Leonora Carrington The Celtic Surrealist comprises some 50 paintings, eight
sculptures, eight tapestries, and 20 works on paper from the 1940s
onwards, holds a particular focus on the imagery that enchanted her as a
child and on the cultural influences of Mexico.
Gallery of Photography
Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Friday, Nov. 8th, 11:15
In 1969 the largest evacuation of refugees since World War II took place in
Ireland as thousands of people fled across the border to escape the
unfolding conflict in Northern Ireland. In subsequent years the border
counties continued to be heavily impacted; many people were injured or
killed in bombings and shootings whilst others were imprisoned or
displaced. Following the Good Friday Agreement and the cessation of overt
conflict the issue arose of how to address the legacy of conflict.
Aftermath sets out to explore hidden histories, unresolved antagonisms,
and personal hopes and dreams. The project brings together people
directly affected by trauma to share their experiences through
photography, film and music. Filmmaker and Aftermath director Laurence
McKeown and commissioned artist Anthony Haughey have worked closely
with victims/survivors of the northern conflict, asylum seekers, refugees
and people displaced by conflict.
Hugh Lane Gallery
Charlemont House, Parnell Square North, Dublin 1
Friday, Nov. 15th, 10:00
Jim Ricks’s installation for the Sleepwalkers series, Bubblewrap Game: Hugh
Lane, presents a diverse collection of objects – including paintings from the
Hugh Lane’s collection, borrowed works and flea-market kitsch – all displayed
on an equal level.
There is no judgment made on the respective cultural, aesthetic, historical or
market worth of each object, yet each is linked to the next on a single shelf in
a circumnavigation of the curved walls in Gallery 8 at The Hugh Lane.
This combination of diverse objects set side by side to create new meanings
can be seen as a form of collage. The artist has called this method
‘Synchromaterialism’. The trail of objects can be followed in either direction
around the curved room with no fixed starting point.
Viewers are invited to create their own narratives and connections between
the objects on display.
Think about the meaning and purpose of the exhibition and the artwork.
Ask yourself the following questions:
"Why are the art pieces ordered or arranged this way?"
"Does a particular artwork stand out from the rest?"
"Is there a theme or a subtext to the exhibition?"
"How is this exhibit different from others I've seen?"
"How is this work representative of a medium, style, period, or typology?"
"What is the artist/maker trying to say and who is their audience?"
"What broader issues – are reflected in this exhibition?"
Take notes on the elements that interest you.

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