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DOPs become CEPS
Clinical examination and procedural
• No changes for those finishing in August 15
• From Jan 15 to August 15 both processes will
run in parallel
• DOPs will disappear after August 15
• Evidence already gathered as DOPs can be
used by the ESR in making assessment of the
new competency ‘ clinical examination and
procedural skills’
Other important changes
• The list of mandatory DOPs will go
• ‘it remains essential’ to demonstrate competence in
breast exam and full range of male and female genital
• There is no minimum numbers of assessments for each
• The assessment of competence rests with the
Educational Supervisor
• The RCGP suggest that this competence can be
validated by ES from a log entry (sic)
Where is the evidence collected?
Learning logs
CEPs form
(DOPS form still in eportfolio until August 15)
• Part 2
• To be completed by Clinical staff only.
• Please provide your assessment of this doctor’s overall clinical
• Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent Outstanding*
• Notes: You may wish to consider the following:
• The doctor:
• Ability to identify patients’ problems
• Take a diagnostic approach
• Patient management skills
• Independent learning habits
• Range of Clinical Examination and Procedural Skills observed
Changes to definition of COT criterion
number 6
• Performance Criteria
• This competence will be about both the
appropriate choice of examination, and
performance of examination when directly
observed. A mental state examination would
be appropriate in a number of cases. Intimate
examination should not be recorded (on
video), but directly observed.
CSR, diagnostics section
• Examines appropriately and correctly
identifies any abnormal findings, (please
comment on specific examinations observed)
Learning logs, new entry category
Learning log entry
Type: Clinical Examination and Procedural skills
Date: *…………………………..
Curriculum linkage:…………….
Clinical Examination or Procedural Skill performed,
(Please be specific, for example prostate examination not just rectal examination or cranial nerve
examination not just neurological examination)
If observed, state name of observer and position
Position ………….
Reason for physical examination, procedure performed and physical signs elicited (to include
whether this was the expected finding)
Reflect on any communication or cultural factors
Reflect on any ethical factors (to include consent)
Self assessment of performance (to include overall ability and confidence in this type of
examination or procedure)
Learning needs identified
How and when these learning needs will be addressed
New CEPs form in eportfolio
Clinical Examination and Procedural Skills evidence form (Integrated DOPS)
Drs Surname
Drs Forename
GMC number
Clinical examination / Procedural skill observed
What was performed well? To consider:
• Communication with patient
• Awareness of cultural and ethical factors
• Ability to perform clinical examination or procedural skill
• Consideration of patient and professionalism demonstrated
Areas for further development

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