BOLC Prep Presentati..

Basic Officer Leadership
School (BOLC)/Commissioned
Officer Training (COT) Prep
What Should I Get From BOLC
• First, Recognize that the vast majority of your
education is dictated by TRADOC for ALL Army
– That means a lot of the details aren’t very helpful to you as
a physician. Land Navigation, vehicle names, etc…
• But, there are 4 things that you should
remember and get out of BOLC.
4. Recognize What Your Colleagues Will Be Doing.
• Almost everything that you have been taught is
actually accomplished by MSC officers.
• Your ability to accomplish your job is directly
affected by MSC (and other) officers completing
– Especially in deployed environments and operational
• Occasionally, you will be expected to do some of
those tasks.
3. Evaluations and Awards
• Remember practice writing OERS/NCOERs?
– The ability to write a good evaluation is one of the
best things you can do for subordinates.
– Not knowing how to write them can actually ruin
someone’s career. Even if it’s unintentional.
– We get promoted almost automatically, the rest of
the Army has a lot of competition.
3. Evaluations and Awards Cont.
• Awards
– Medical Corps is one of the worst divisions in the
Army about recognizing the effort of it’s soldiers.
– Look at a MSC or Infantry officer and see what
kinds of awards and amount they have.
– Remember, it doesn’t take much effort to try and
recognize your colleagues or subordinates, but the
effect can be huge!
2. Be Comfortable with Army Culture
• You are an OFFICER.
– Act Like it.
– Your patients will respect a good officer more than
a smart physician.
– The reason you have a scholarship and job is to
take care of soldiers and their families.
• NEVER Forget that.
2. Army Culture Cont.
• Corrections
– If a PFC walks by you and doesn’t salute, what do you do?
• Some MC officers just walk by and are even glad because they are
uncomfortable. WRONG
• It is much better to be corrected by YOU than by the platoon
leader or company commander.
– This goes back to taking care of the soldiers and their families.
– If they fail to salute they can be prevented from promotion, docked
rank, or even withheld pay.
– The more respect you show, the more likely they are to listen to your
medical advice.
1. Network
• The most important thing you should do at
BOLC is make friends.
– Everyone here will be your peers and colleagues
for the majority of your career.
– Having friends in other departments and hospitals
will make you a more effective physician and help
you enjoy your job more.
What to do at BOLC
• Have Smart Fun!
– Do:
• Enjoy Yourself
• Have Hobbies
• Go On Vacation
• Study Hard
– Don’t:
• Drink and Drive
• Abuse Illicit Substances
• Don’t Cheat
• If it is illegal… Don’t do it
Soldier Vs. Physician Vs. Leader
• Can I do all three?
• This has been a big issue amongst physicians
recently. Why?
– Greater emphasis on doing soldier activities by
MEDCOM and the Greater Army.
– Enforced by using these as discriminators for
Soldier Vs. Physician Vs. Leader
• Some Army physicians argue that it is
impossible, they cannot be all three and be
the best. There is not enough time.
• I (amongst many) disagree with that
• How can we say this? We have the same
amount of time as they do.
Being a Great Physician
Be LOYAL to your patients. Take care of their personal and families’ needs.
Take care of your DUTY. Show up on time and do your work.
RESPECT your patients, nurses and ancillary staff.
SELFLESS SERVICE while taking care of your patients. They come first.
HONOR the physicians’ oath.
Demonstrate INTEGRITY with each patient encounter. Be honest, do not
do unnecessary medical procedures, treat them like a soldier defending
your country.
• There are times when the best medical interests of the patients conflict
with the commands interest or other interests of the patient. Have the
PERSONAL COURAGE to do what you feel is the best course of action.
Being a Great Soldier
• Wear the uniform with pride
– Correctly.
– Don’t do anything while wearing it that will dishonor the
• Show respect to your superiors and subordinates.
– Expect the best from Both.
– Maintain military bearing.
• Live by the Army Core Values.
• Pass your PT tests.
Being a Great Leader
• You WILL be put in command spots.
Many times right out of Residency.
Make the best out of these and serve the soldier.
Operational spots.
Humanitarian Missions.
USAREC/ Regional Commands.
• Physicians are routinely asked to be community health leaders.
• Being a leader can bring positive change to the clinics, hospitals,
regional medical commands and even MEDCOM. This will positively
impact your patient care and care for yourselves and your families.
What to do before Day 0
Uniform and gear
Register for BOLC on MODS (for
complete packing list, rules, etc)
• Copies, Copies, Copies
• Mandatory training?
Day 0
Medical Corps Branch Day/CG Reception
FTX (Weapons Qual, Land Nav, Role 1-3)
Army BOLC To-Do List
River Walk
Austin (Barton Springs, Salt Lick)
Corpus Christi
Recovery Room
Cowboys Dancehall
BBQ/Keg at Salado Park
The Cove
River Tubing

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