School Management System
Software for management of school.
Consists of following modules
•Fee Management
•Student Record Management
•Payroll Management
•Item Management
•Examination Management
•Very Simple User Interface
•Network Based Multi user software
•User wise permission system
•SMS facility
•Fee Receipt can be printed on both type of printer i.e. Dot Matrix
Printer (DOS printing) & Graphics Printer (All type of printers)
•Many Types of Search Criteria in every reports
•Fee Concession System
•Complete CBSE CCE support
Screen Shots
Login for sms
Main page
Page for class view
Section view
Fee Head View
Class Fee Entry
Item Entry
Bundle View
Designation View
Employee View
User View
View Account Master
Conveyance view
Page for school
Student promotion
Page for student menu
Admission form
View application Form
Interaction Result
Student admission
Student Entry
Student View
Drop out a student
Readmission form
Re-admission form for previous
ID Card
Transfer Certificate
View TC
Student Fee Concession
Fee Concession Report
Fee Submission
Student Fee Record
Due Fee
Student Ladger
Balance Fee Record
Submit balance fee
Submitted Balance Fee
Head Wise Submitted fee
Head wise and school session wise
submitted fee
Fee Details
Data Wise Fee collection
Data wise transaction summary
Voucher wise Transaction summary
Voucher Details
Voucher Entry
Daily report
Purchase Items
Purchase Book
Sale Book
Generate Pay
Examination System Menu
Class Wise subject
Student Electives
View Exam
Exam Wise Subject
Exam student List
Student List
Exam marks Entry
Student Exam marks list
Generate Result
View Result
Student Mark Sheet
Student List
Final Exam
List of Failed student
List Of Failed student
View Final Result
Print list of Result
Student Final Mark Sheet
List of Final Result
School Topper
List Topper student

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