Statewide Expansion Project
2012-2013 Season
Mohawk Valley GIS
Feb. 2012
Hi everyone
I’m Linda Rockwood,
owner of Mohawk Valley GIS
in Herkimer, NY
Four years ago, I started the
www.NYSnowmobileWebmap.com promotional
website, with the Herkimer County clubs.
We’ve grown to 53 clubs and towns participating,
covering the Mohawk Valley, much of the
Adirondacks, the Cortland/Ithaca area and over
towards Rochester.
Statewide Expansion Plan
• Add all club’s trails statewide
• New business model to generate sizeable
revenue stream, to return majority of $ back
to clubs for trail maintenance
• Continue to serve as tourism promotion
website, promoting entire state rather than
specific region
• Provide quality, up-to-date trail data
Current Promotional Website
Menu Bar Options
Web Map
Phone Apps
GPS Trails
Paper Maps
Trail Data
Video Demonstrations
Contact Us
Rebate Info
Premium Account
New for 2011-2012
Conditions Reporting
Storm Damage
Interactive Trail Map (Web Map)
Options to the right of the
· Zoom and pan, measure distance, print map
window contents
· Display topo map, terrain, snow depth or
radar as background in the map
· Show reported trail conditions
• Quick zoom to a county
• Search by club – will
zoom and highlight a
club’s trails
• Search by trail ID – will
zoom and highlight all
• Numerous business
sponsor searches: by
name, category, town,
keyword, near a trail
Conditions and Alerts Reporting
Software will determine your location automatically on your smartphone.
Similar screen for alerts, can enter descriptive comment, indicate High/Low.
Paper Maps Page in website
Paper Maps Page in website
• List shows availability of maps by county
• Link to online store – your paper maps can be
sold here for your price, plus extra to cover
envelop, postage, sales tax and Paypal fee, your $
returned back to you
• Schoharie County maps sold for 2010-2011
season to test the market
• Text box can be added to display over a county,
right in the web map. When zoomed in far
enough, text appears saying where to get paper
The Profit Sharing Piece
Started in 2011-2012 Season
• Added an annual subscription option to the
web map, marketed primarily to out-of-state
riders and downstate (”no snow or trails”)
• Offered more features, providing more value
to justify charging an annual subscription
• Kept a free, “lite” version so local riders can
still benefit from content in the web map
The Profit Sharing Piece
• Over 32,000 visits in website for 2010-2011
season, with 5 counties worth of trails
• Projecting 100,000 annual visitors once web
map is statewide
• Annual subscription set at $40, from Dec - Mar
• Free until December and free after March
• 75% of annual subscription revenue returned
back to clubs for trail maintenance
New phone app (iPhone & Android)
Blue dot is your
current GPS location
Tap a business sponsor’s
pin, display shows name
and phone number
Reception not needed once app is downloaded. Many more features coming based
on feedback this year. Including a free version for each phone platform!
How Does Your Club Join?
• Fill out the club participation form and mail
back by September 10th
• Forms are available on the website to print off
• You will be invoiced a $60 one time
membership fee in September
• Once your trails have been added in the web
map, your contact person will be emailed to
proof trails, submit any changes (trails come
originally from Parks & Rec)
How Does Your Club Join?
• $60 fee will be waived, if your club can bring
in 5 paying business sponsors for your area
(contact Linda to get brochure and business
participation forms)
• Local (not state-funded) trails can be added if
you want, if you maintain them and you want
the public riding on them
How Will Money Be Distributed?
• Checks will be mailed out to clubs or
federations/associations (depending on your
• Checks will go out twice a year, end of
December and end of April
• Amount is based on mileage of trails
maintained (yes, local trails will be included)
• Mileage is calculated by the GIS software
GPS Data Collection for Trails
Mohawk Valley GIS is unable to help clubs with the
processing of your raw GPS trail data.
Sorry, but 1) I have no time and 2) I am not your
authorized agent to do this processing. Feel free to
ask me questions, though.
You can submit your trail updates to the web map:
1. As shapefiles
2. In .gpx format
3. Hand drawn on topo map or similar (not
Thanks for watching this presentation!
• Please email Linda with any questions
• Also, please email suggestions for new features
for the web map, GPS trail sets, smartphone
apps, conditions reporting, etc. at any time. Your
feedback is what makes this project an amazing
resource for all.
• Email is always the best way to reach me, but
certainly you can call. Best times:
day 9:30 - 5:30 at 315-866-2746 and
evenings between 7 – 8 pm or weekends at
lunch time at 315-866-7519.
To More Snow in 2012-2013!

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