The National Student
Survey or NSS is the
annual survey of final
year undergraduates
across the UK
• Conducted by the independent
market research company,
Ipsos MORI
• Fully supported by the National
Union of Students (NUS)
• Your responses will be
• Your contact details will only be
used by Ipsos Mori for the NSS
LJMU wants all eligible undergraduate
students to complete the NSS
How you rate your LJMU
experience is up to you; all we
ask is that you do respond
Last year 76% of eligible
students completed the NSS
With your help, we can do even
better this year!
The NSS takes
between 5 and 10
minutes to complete
When completing the survey,
• Think about your responses
• Give honest feedback
• Reflect on your entire student
experience not just what’s
happened in the last year,
month, week or day!
During the survey
you will be asked to
rate how satisfied
you are with:
• The teaching on your course
• Assessment & feedback
• Academic support
• Organisation & management
• Learning resources
• Personal development
• Overall satisfaction
• You will also be asked how
satisfied you are with the
Liverpool Students’ Union
The NSS respects student privacy and your
responses will remain confidential:
• The survey is undertaken
independently by Ipsos MORI
• At no point will you be identified to
LJMU - your responses to the
survey will be anonymised
• Your contact details will only be
used for the NSS
Your feedback will help LJMU improve the learning
experience for future generations of students
• LJMU receives anonymised data
to help identify areas where the
University is doing well, as well as
areas for development
• NSS results are also made
publicly available to help
prospective students make
informed decisions of where and
what to study:
Here are just some
examples of how LJMU
uses feedback from the
NSS and other student
New opportunities for summer placements and
paid internships at the University
Introduced PC availability and booking systems
so you can find a computer when you need one
More face-to-face teaching
Wednesday afternoons freed up, wherever
possible for sport and other activities
Improved induction sessions
Better information about academic programmes
and modules
Ongoing improvements to Library and other
student services
Ongoing campus investments
New policies on staff availability, contact hours
and the delivery of individual feedback
If you complete the
survey online you
can enter this year’s
NSS prize draw
• 6 draws will take place during
the NSS, with 5 student winners
selected per draw
• 30 opportunities to win £100 or
exclusive graduation package if
you complete the NSS as soon
as it is launched on 19 January
Don’t forget to complete the LJMU
NSS prize draw entry form after
completing the survey online so you
can be entered into the prize draw:
The NSS runs
from 19 January
to 30 April
• Ipsos MORI will email you on 19 or 20
January to complete the survey
• Complete the NSS online via your
computer/laptop, smartphone or tablet
- go to
• Follow the link in your email invitation
• Click on the links on the LJMU website:
• Scan the QR code on the NSS display
stands located around the University
Student feedback can and does change how
LJMU and the LiverpoolSU operate.
So have your say – complete the NSS today!
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