Beyond the Border

Canada-US Beyond the Border Initiative:
Efficient Border Crossing for People - Innovative
Technologies to Address Threats Early
The Role for Face Recognition
Robert Bell
SVP Corporate & Business Development
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Beyond the Border
The four areas of cooperation identified in
the Beyond the Border Declaration are:
• addressing threats early;
• trade facilitation, economic growth and
• cross-border law enforcement;
• and critical infrastructure and cybersecurity.
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Addressing Threats Early
The Beyond the Border Action Plan will
support this goal by:
• developing a common understanding of the
threat environment;
• aligning and coordinating our security
systems for goods, cargo and baggage;
• and supporting the effective identification of
people who pose a threat, which will
enhance safety and facilitate the movement
of legitimate travellers.
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Role of Biometrics:
Confirm Identity
Biometrics are established and accepted:
• Iris for Registered Traveler Program and
some access control.
• Fingerprint for visa applicants and visa
travelers (in place in US and soon to be
implemented in Canada) and some access
• Face for issuance and renewal of passport
and other high assurance ID.
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Why Face?
Operates at a distance
Copes with crowds
Source faces available
Subject co-operation is not necessary
The Global Leader in Biometric Intelligence
1. Face Recognition for Traveler
Identity Verification
E-Passport to live face image match
• Implement first at Primary and
Secondary Immigration Control
• Can be pushed out to the departure
airport gate and airport Check-in
• Enables Automated Border Control (eGates) and Automated Exit Control
• Will need to wait until sufficient critical
mass of e-Passports in the Canada/US
The Global Leader in Biometric Intelligence
Primary Inspection Cameras
Countertop Camera &
Camera + 10 Print
Auto face capture and
quality checking
The Global Leader in Biometric Intelligence
Cameras at Immigration Control Counter
E-Gate Identification Cameras
Identity Verification Cameras
The Global Leader in Biometric Intelligence
Australia / NZ
Departure Gate Cameras
A mobile kiosk or
cameras installed at
departure gates
The Global Leader in Biometric Intelligence
2. Face Based “Bad Guy”
Primary Immigration Control
• Identify persons inadmissible to Canada
Security – Traveler and Staff
• Identify persons of interest in country and
inadmissible to destination country
Arrival Jetways and Gates
• Identify arrival flight for undocumented refugee
The Global Leader in Biometric Intelligence
Face Lookout - Content
• Adam Gadhan,
Security-domestic link
• Ameer el Maati, Adnan el Shukrijumah
Criminal fugitive-select offences- international
• Nasser Muhsin,
Criminal Fugitive-domestic- select offences/status
• Luka Magnota, Blane McDougall, Whitmore
Criminal / HR inadmissible
• Martin Cusack
Criminal Deportees
• Ezemo, Laing, Wilson, Wyatt, Bruck, Youn,
Orellana, Chand, Winfield, Barnes, Saunders,
Talley, Streety, etc..)
Failed Refugee Claimants-Immigration Fraud
The Global Leader in Biometric Intelligence
3. Remotely Supervised Biometric
Enrollment Kiosk for NEXUS
Beyond Borders Action Plan calls for a surge in NEXUS
enrollment. This will be expensive as it requires staffed
locations in airports throughout the US and Canada.
Kiosk based solution with remote
supervision. NextgenID is using for high
assurance US ID enrollment (PIV and PIV-I).
Easy, fast, compact and secure.
Face, Iris,
Signature, ADA
Camera +Mic
The Global Leader in Biometric Intelligence
As on left PLUS
• Breeder document
– passport, driver’s
license, smart card
• Document scanner
4. Remote Border Agent
For smaller volume airports, it is not practical to staff with
Immigration Officers 24/7.
A kiosk approach allows:
• Visible and audible interaction between the traveler in a remote
location and the immigration officer in a central location
• Remote capture of traveler’s travel documents and biometrics
• Central review of the documents
• Remote printed authorization to enter the country under agreed
conditions (e.g. tourist, max 30 days, not allowed to work)
This has been well received by immigration staff and
passengers in a current VIP lounge trial in the UK.
The Global Leader in Biometric Intelligence
Face Recognition Role in Beyond
the Border Initiative
1. Face based identity confirmation using ePassport
enables reliable name based searches and subsequently
automated border and exit control.
2. Face based surveillance will identify persons of interest:
before they enter the country thus
avoiding substantial criminal justice system costs and the impact
of criminality on the society.
3. Remote supervised biometric enrollment can support the
rapid increase in NEXUS membership at a reasonable
4. Remote supervised border stations could improve
coverage in some areas at a reasonable cost.
The Global Leader in Biometric Intelligence
Each of the suggested approaches has been
deployed with success in other border
It is not too early to consider, and if appropriate,
prototyping and piloting these approaches for our
Robert Bell
SVP Corporate and Business Development
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