Public Beta
• Interactive follow-up site for Everything DiSC®
• Participants can create Comparison Reports,
Customer Interaction Maps, learn about DiSC® and
more—all in one place!
• Administrators can turn the site on before or after a
training session
• The site is currently only available in English
2 Public Beta
Instructions for EPIC Administrators
The EPIC administrator controls access to site and its
content. There are two ways to give access:
• Turn site on when assigning new access codes
• Turn site on after a classroom session for existing access
4 Content
There are six content options total; two are mandatory—My Reports and My Account—
while the rest are elective:
Tell Me More About My Style
See your DiSC style on the DiSC Map, learn about your strengths and challenges, or meet
famous characters with your style!
Tell Me More About DiSC
Explore the interactive DiSC timeline, listen to audio clips, and brush up on reliability,
validity and the DiSC scales!
Comparison Reports
Request and manage Comparison Reports with your colleagues!
Customer Interaction Maps (available only for Everything DiSC® Sales)
Create Customer Interaction Maps—just in time for that big sales call!
For New Profiles
In EPIC: Manage Reports>>Create a New Report/Issue Access
• Input “Everything DiSC” in Product Family, then Product and
• Select the content you’d like to enable
• Click “OK” to create a custom message
• In the Custom Message tree, select “
Custom Messages”—then select “Assigning a New Profile with Options”
For Existing Profiles
Go to Manage Reports>>Participant Portal
Functions>>Add/Remove Options, then:
• Select “Everything DiSC” in Product Family, then Product and
• Click “Add Reports” and build your list of participants
• Turn on desired content options—either “Set All to Yes” or
select individually
When finished, click “Update Report Options” and an email
notification will then be sent to the participants.
Additional EPIC Functions
The EPIC administrator can also:
• Monitor Participant’s Account Status: Generate a PDF listing all
participants with access to—including
enabled content options, status (“Active” or “Inactive”) and account
creation date.
• Monitor Participant’s Account Usage: Generate a PDF listing the
number of Comparison Reports and Customer Interaction Maps that
have been created by each participant.
• Resend Account Information: Resend the
invitation email to participants who’ve lost or deleted their original
8 Public Beta
For Participants
There are two ways to access to
Immediately after an assessment is taken
As a follow-up email to those with an existing report
Whichever route you choose to take, your participants
must always start with an access code email!
Setting up an Account
On the Login page…
Click “Don’t have an account?” and input:
• Email address (work or personal)
• First Name
• Last Name
• Password
A verification email is sent to the address entered—click the
hyperlink contained in the email to complete the account
creation process.

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