Google for Nonprofits, presented by Peter Gowen

Big Tech Backs Social Good
Peter Gowen
Online Analytics Coordinator
Faculty Development and
Instructional Design Center
[email protected]
• Google for Nonprofits
– Google Apps
– Google AdWords
– YouTube
– Google Earth (?)
• Google+
• Google Analytics
Google for Nonprofits (G4NP)
• Available in US, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia,
New Zealand
• Must be 501(c)(3)
• Cannot be:
– Government entity or organization
– Hospital/healthcare organization
– School, daycare, academic institution*
* See Google in Education instead
G4NP – Google Apps
• Gmail: branded email accounts*, using Gmail
(under the hood)
• Google Calendar: share calendars online
• Google Drive: share documents/files online
* With your own domain.
Google Apps Resources
• Use your tech savvy for a good cause: Help a
nonprofit migrate to Google Apps
• How to Use Google Apps for Your Nonprofit’s
• How to use Google Drive as your nonprofit’s
file system
G4NP – Google AdWords
• $10,000 per month AdWords credit
• Track conversions, ROI
• Limitations:
A $2.00 maximum cost-per-click (CPC)
Only run keyword-targeted campaigns
Only appear on Google search result pages
Only run text-based ads
– “must hold current and valid charity status”
- Google Ad Grants Nonprofit Guide (2014)
Google AdWords Resources
• How Non - Profits Can Get the Most Out of
Google Grants
• Google AdWords Grant Account: 7 Tips for
Every Manager
• Eight Things Nonprofits Should Know About
Google AdWords
• AdWords for Non-Profits: Maximizing Your
Google Ad Grant
• 10 Ways Nonprofits Can Make the Most Out of
Google Grants
G4NP – YouTube
Donate button!
Live streaming
Video overlays/annotations
Record at the YouTube movie studio
– At Los Angeles
– Must have 1000 YouTube subscribers
– ($$?)
YouTube Resources
YouTube Nonprofit Program
YouTube for Nonprofits Playbook Guide
YouTube for Nonprofits: 101
Five Nonprofits Maximizing YouTube’s
Nonprofit Program
• 5 Ways Non-Profits Can Increase Engagement
With YouTube
G4NP Resources
Apply at:
G4NP Program Benefits
G4NP Get Started Guides & Video Tutorials
G4NP Help Center
G4NP Blog
Follow on Google+: +GoogleforNonprofits
Follow on Twitter: @googlenonprofit
Twitter Hashtag: #G4NP
• 350M – 550M “active users”
– Think Gmail and YouTube
• Higher Google Search results ranking
– Google+ side panel
– Google+ Local pages
• YouTube integration
• Google Hangouts
• Built-in user statistics
Google+ Resources
• 12 Google+ Best Practices for Nonprofits
• HOW TO: Reserve a Custom URL for Your
Nonprofit’s Google+ Page
• How To Make A Google Plus Page Appear Next
To Google Search Results
Google Analytics
• Track users on your website(s), app
• Wealth of data: Pageviews, Users, Location,
Device, best Keywords, etc.
• Track Conversions (e.g., donations) – ties in with
• Ask Questions
Are people using my site?
Are other sites linking to mine?
Google Analytics Resources
• Google Analytics Features
• Google Analytics Help Center
• Google Analytics for Nonprofits: 5 Basic but
Essential Metrics to Track
• 5 Web Reports Every Nonprofit Should Know
• The Secret to Unlocking Google Analytics for
• How a Nonprofit Can Best Use Google

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