Jane Toppan - Bath County Schools

Hannah Howell
3rd/4th block
♦ Jane was born in 1857 as Honora
♦ Jane’s parents were Irish immigrants.
♦Her mother, Bridget Kelley, died of
tuberculosis when she was very young.
♦Her father was a well known alcoholic.
He eventually went crazy and was
caught stitching his own eyelids
♦ He was confined to an asylum
♦ In November of 1864, Toppan was placed as an servant in
the home of Mrs. Ann C. Toppan.
♦ Jane was never fully adopted but she took their surname
and became Jane Toppan.
♦ Toppan suffered shame and humiliation at the hands of her
foster mother.
♦ Due to abuse at the hands of Mrs. Toppan, Jane developed
jealousy for her foster sister.
♦ Jane grew up In the imposing gray
house at the corner of third and Vernon
street in Lowell’s centralville
♦ Jane was very jealous of her beautiful
step sister while she was growing up.
♦ Jane was a Mischievous child. She lied
and was a thief, but she was also very
♦ For extra spending money she worked in
middle to upper class homes as a private nurse.
♦To her clients and co-workers she was known
as "Jolly Jane"
♦ This was because she could come off as
being happy and so careful of her patients who
she spent majority of her time with.
♦When she drank at the local bars at night she
denounced everyone around her.
♦ She decided she needed different
surroundings so she left home for
nursing school in 1885.
♦She excelled in her class work, but
supervisors and colleagues were
disturbed by her obsession with
♦She was hired by dozens of New
England families, caring for the ill and
elderly in several states.
♦ In 1885, Toppan began training to
be a nurse at Cambridge Hospital.
♦She was dismissed from Cambridge
after two patients died mysteriously
in her care, and she left the hospital.
♦Toppan would spend a lot of time
alone with her patients, making up
fake charts and medicate them to drift
in and out of consciousness.
♦ Toppan began using her patients as
guinea pigs in experiments with
morphine and atropine.
♦ In late June, of 1901, Mrs. Davis
went to visit Jane at her home.
♦ She was a personal friend.
♦ Once Mattie arrived, Toppan gave
Mattie a drink of poisoned Hunyadi
water. (A mildly laxative ,mineral
♦ She started feeling extremely sick,
and so Toppan gave Mattie a dose of
♦Mrs. Davis died from heart failure
♦ In 1899 she killed her sister, Elizabeth
Foster, with a dose of strychnine.
♦ In 1901, Toppan moved in with the
elderly Alden Davis and his family to
comfort him after his wife’s death.
♦ Within weeks she killed Davis and his
two daughters.
♦ She would alter their prescribed dosages to see what
they would do to their nervous system.
♦ Jane regularly used morphine and atropine to kill her
patients and nobody suspected a thing
♦She was recommended for the prestigious
Massachusetts general hospital in 1889.
♦ She there claimed several more lives.
♦ Jane would often times get into
bed with her victims.
♦ Jane claimed that she got a sexual
thrill from being around people near
♦ She often referred to herself as
the “Angel Of Death”
♦ Jane said that her ambition was
“To have killed more helpless
people than any women who has ever
lived” and she nearly succeeded.
♦ Jane would poison her patients with Morphine or
♦ Her method was the same in every killing.
♦ Jane declares, “ Because poisoning had become a habit
of her life” and killed without any remorse at all.
♦ Jane would commit her murders
during the day and at night.
♦ The murders occurred between
Middlesex county and Suffolk
County in Massachusetts
♦ Her other nickname was “The
modern Lucretia Borgia”, who the
title by a most remarkable series of
murders is in the insane asylum at
Taunton, Mass. Haunted terrible
visions of many victims.
♦ After numerous murders throughout
her nursing career at hospitals,
authorities started getting suspicious
and starting looking further into the
deaths of her patients.
♦ They found out that all of the
patients that were under her care, all
died the same.
♦ Eventually, Jane Toppan was caught
and she went to court.
♦She fed a lethal "tonic" to
her foster sister, Edna
Bannister, and she was working
on another patient when police
cut short her medical career.
♦In custody, Toppan confessed
to 31 murders, naming her
victims, but students believe
her final tally falls somewhere
around 70
♦The grand jury’s indictment charged her with
the murder of three persons whom she been
engaged to nurse and died under her charge.
♦At trial, Jane's lawyer grudgingly conceded
eleven murders, staking his hopes on a plea of
insanity .
♦Toppan said "That is my ambition, to have
killed more people -- more helpless people -than any man or woman who has ever lived." and
Declared insane.
♦Toppan was confined for life to the state
asylum at Taunton, Massachusetts
♦ After the first 4 years in the insane asylum, Jane
become a physical wreck.
♦ Jane was in the best bodily health and was a smiling
♦ Jane weighed over 209 pounds.
♦ Her certainly that all of her doctors and even family
members were trying to poison her.
♦ Jane started dying from starvation
1st year
2ND year
♦ Jane died at the age of 84
in the Taunton Insane
♦ Jane lived for 36 years in
the Asylum, before dying in
August, 1938.
♦ Jane Toppan is one of the
most remarkable criminals.
♦ Cape Cod was not only the home of Jane
Toppan but, it was also the home of
another serial killer; Antone Costa.
♦ Antone Costa was the Provincetown man
who the police believe butchered four
women in the late 1960’s.
♦ Antone’s case gained international
attention in comments to the media,
claimed “The hearts of each had been
removed from the bodies and were not in
their graves…each body was cut into as
many parts as there are joints.”
♦ Female serial killers account for only 8%
of all American serial killers, but American
females account for 76% of all female
serial killers worldwide.
♦ Female serial killers also have different
methods than males do. Such as:
-Poisoning: 80% -Stabbing: 11%
-Shooting: 20% -Drowning: 5%
-Bludgeoning: 16%
-Suffocation: 16%
1.)Aileen Wuarnos
2.)Myra Hindley
3.)Rosemary West
4.)Kristen Gilbert
5.)Nannie Doss
6.)Jane Toppan
7.)Karla Homolka
8.)Beverly Allitt
9.)Andrea Yates
♦ Israel Dunham
♦ Lovey Dunham
♦ Elizabeth Brigham
♦ Mary McNear
♦ Myra Conners
♦ Mattie Davis
♦ Genevieve Gorden
♦Alden Davis
♦ Minnie Gibbs
♦ Edna Bannister
♦ Some websites said that Toppan killed
over 100 patients, but others said 70.
♦ Websites said that Jane’s mother died
of child birth and others said that she
died of tuberculosis.
♦ Websites said that Jane went to court
in 1901, but she went in 1902.

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