Bursars Forum November 2014 Schools Funding Summary

Bursars Forum
November 2014
School Funding Summary
Dedicated Schools
Grant (DSG)
3 Funding Blocks:
•Schools Block
•High Needs Block
•Early years Block
Other Grants
•Pupil Premium
•Universal Infant Free
School Meals
•PE & Sport
•Sixth Form funding
•Initial Teacher
Training (salaried)
Budget Presentation
1. Schools Block
2. High Needs Block
3. Early years Block
4. Grants
5. Payment schedule
All budgets linked to a CFR code
I01 - Delegated budget share
I02 - Sixth Form Funding
I03 – SEN Top-Up
Schools Block
Centrally retained & de-delegated budgets
Schools Funding Formula
• Based on the October census data
Expanding schools receive adjusted roll
• Fixed for the financial year
Basic teaching & learning (including all schools
• Notional SEN (up to £6k) per smaller cohort of pupils
High Needs Block
High Needs places set aside in Special
schools and specialist units (at £10k)
Top-Up for pupils requiring additional
• Varies according to pupils on roll
• Banded rates
• Each local authority funding pupils
Early Years Block
Funding for free entitlement (15 hours)
for 2, 3 & 4 year olds
• Paid to schools on estimated numbers
Hourly rates, weighted for deprivation &
Allocation varies according to pupil
• Full time places funded for vulnerable
Capped at a maximum of 56% of FE
Other Grants (1)
• Sixth Form Funding (CFR I02)
Based on sixth form learner numbers
Includes bursary funding
Academic year, monthly payments
• Pupil Premium (CFR I05)
Based on January census, rates vary on phase of pupil
Funding for looked after children (LAC), post adoption &
service children
Fixed for each financial year
Quarterly payments, 25%
Includes Summer School (secondary)
Other Grants (2)
• Initial Teacher Training (CFR I06)
School Direct (Salaried) on behalf the National College for
Teaching and Leadership (NCTL). Academic Year
• Year 7 catch up (CFR I06)
Underachievement at Key Stage 2
One retrospective payment in February
• Primary School PE & Sport (CFR I18)
Based on January census
Academic year grant, two payments, 7/12 (October) and
5/12ths (April)
• Universal Infant FSM (CFR I18)
Based on January and October census, for Key stage 1
pupils roll, less eligible pupils.
Academic year grant, 7/12 & 5/12
Changes for 2015-16 (1)
Schools Block Funding Formula
Expanding schools receive adjusted roll for planned new
• Following year pupils numbers adjusted for actual
• Primary Lump sump increase to £151k
High Needs Block
• Top-Up to be reviewed for Special schools and units
• Alternative provision places increase to £10k
• Funding review planned by DFE for 2015-16
Early Years Block
• Funding review planned by DFE for 2015-16
Changes for 2015-16 (2)
Pupil Premium Grant
• Increase in Primary Pupil Premium rate for 2015-16
• Adoption from Care time restriction removed (previously
Dec 2005)
• Introduction of early years pupil premium to 3 and 4 year
olds (0.53p per hour / £300 per year)

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