Prom 2012 Dress Code - Clinton Public School District

Homecoming 2013 Dress Code
CHS Administration
Before you begin to watch…
 Your homeroom teacher is not the person to ask your
questions regarding dress code.
 If you have any questions following the viewing of this
slideshow, please find Ms. Tompkins in W211 before or
after school. Do NOT interrupt class to ask a question
about your dress.
 Also, you cannot buy tickets without having seen this
Why does CHS have a
Homecoming dress code?
The administration and faculty want
you to make good, appropriate
choices, not inhibit your style.
However, this is a SCHOOL SPONSORED
event which requires appropriate
We want everyone to be comfortable
and safe.
BEFORE WE BEGIN…answer a few
common questions:
 1) Can I wear a strapless dress?
 YES! As long as it meets all other dress code requirements
 2) What happens if I arrive at homecoming and my dress does
NOT meet dress code?
 You will be going home and you will NOT get a refund.
 3) My date does not go to school here, what if her/his attire
does not meet dress code?
 You will be going home and you will NOT get a refund. Please
make sure your date has viewed the PowerPoint on dress
#1: Dresses may not be cut below
the bust line.
 The bust line makes a full circle around your body
and includes the side directly under the armpit.
 With your arms down by your
side, if skin from your arms
touches (or can touch)skin on
the front part of your body,
below the bust line, the dress is
This dress meets dress code for #1
This dress DOES NOT meet
dress code
 If you wore this, you would be asked to leave
#2: Dresses may be backless;
however, they may not be cut
below the natural waist.
 Your waist is the smallest part of your midsection. The dress
CANNOT be below the small curve of your back.
These dresses meet dress code
These dresses DO NOT meet dress
 If you wore this, you would be asked to leave.
#3: Dresses may not have the
midriffs exposed including both
the front and sides.
These dresses DO NOT meet dress code.
#4: Dresses may not be shorter or
have a slit that exceeds where your
fingertips touch when your hands hang
to the side, including SHORTS .
 These dresses meet the dress code.
These dresses DO NOT meet dress
 If you wore this, you would be asked to leave.
 Slits in a dress are included in length, they cannot be shorter
than your fingertips.
Other Dress Code Rules
 #5 Dresses may not be constructed with seethrough fabrics such as: Tulle, Netting, or Illusion
(skin color inserts).
 #6 No pinning will be allowed as an alteration for
a dress if without the pins the dress does not meet
the dress code.
 #7 Fabric inserts must be sewn as alterations to
the dress. No skin color inserts will be allowed. This
still gives the illusion.
 #8 No cover-ups (shawls/wraps, sweaters, coats)
will be allowed over dresses that do not meet the
dress code.
 #9 Undergarments should not be visible.
#10: Formal Tuxedoes or Dress
Suit (Coat & Tie) for Gentlemen
While attending a semi-formal event, shirts
should be worn at all times. NO JEANS!
This is inappropriate attire for a
semi-formal event.
NO Hats or t-shirts
with the look of
formal attire.
Homecoming Dress Code Guidelines
While we will be reasonable in our
interpretation of these guidelines,
students and guests dressed
inappropriately will not be allowed
to enter or attend homecoming.
Rumor Has it…and rumor is wrong
Rumor has it we will “let it slide” if you
don’t meet dress code.
There is NO refund for students asked
to leave due to dress code violation.
Tickets Sales/Non CHS Forms
 Ticket Sales will take place Wednesday, October 2
through Friday, October 11 during lunch.
 Anyone bringing a non-CHS date will need to have a
form filled out and returned by Monday, October 16.
These forms will be ready for pick up at a later date.
Listen for the announcement.
 Again, if you have any questions, please see Ms.
Tompkins in Room W211 before or after school. Please do
not interrupt her class.

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