PTSO Updates
PTSO Positions
2015/2016 School Year
PTSO Open Positions 2015/2016
 Executive Board:
 Co-Vice President
 Treasurer
 Executive Committees:
 Hospitality
 Invest in Cuthbertson Students (IICS)
 Senior Events
 Spirit Wear/School Store (Co-Chair)
 Fundraising
 Scholarships
 Website
PTSO Open Positions 2015/2016
Executive Board:
 Co-Vice
 Roles & Responsibilities
 Act as aide to the president
 Be a member ex-officio of all committees
 Serve as one of three signatories of PTSO checks
 Attend monthly meetings
 30 min Executive Board Meeting
 1 hr PTSO Meeting
PTSO Open Positions 2015/2016
Executive Board:
Roles & Responsibilities include
 Have custody of the funds of the association
 Keep full account receipts and expenditures
 Make disbursements
 Present financial statement at every meeting of the organization
 Have financial records audited
 Be responsible for filing required tax forms
 Attend Monthly Meetings
30 min Executive Board Meeting
 1 hr PTSO Meeting
** In addition to knowledge transfer in advance of the new school year, the current
Treasurer will be available as an advisor during the 2015/2016 school year to ensure a
smooth transition for the incoming Treasurer.
PTSO Open Positions 2015/2016
Executive Committees:
Hospitality - Coordinates various academic and staff recognition events
Invest in Cuthbertson Students (IICS) – Promotes program and
tracks/collects contributions
Senior Events – Coordination and oversight of various events and
program for Seniors
Spirit Wear/School Store (Co-Chair) – Manages the procurement and
sales of CHS Spiritwear and novelty items.
Fundraising/Corporate Partnerships – Promotes the financial needs of the
PTSO to local businesses
Scholarships – Facilitates the promotion of PTSO-sponsored scholarships
and oversees the recipient selection process.
Website – Manages the PTSO website
PTSO Open Positions 2015/2016
Next Steps:
Visit the PTSO Website:
 Learn more about the CHS PTSO
 Contact current Executive and Committee members to
find out more about their role; contact information on
Watch for updates in the weekly eNews:
 Executive Board Nomination Process
 Executive Board vote at PTSO General Meeting on May 11
End of year “Pass the Book” meeting – Current Executive
Board and Committee members will transition knowledge with
incoming members

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