CMCSS College and Career Academies - Clarksville

Parent Presentation
CMCSS Vision
Each student graduates from high
school college and career ready.
What are College
and Career Academies?
• A small learning community, comprised of a group of
students within the larger high school, who take classes
together, and are taught by a team of teachers from
different disciplines;
• A college preparatory curriculum with a career theme,
enabling students to see relationships among academic
subjects, and their application to a broad field of work;
• Partnerships with employers, the community, and local
colleges, who bring resources from outside the high
school to improve student motivation and achievement.
How are College and Career
Academies different than a traditional
high school experience?
• Small cluster of students around a career/college
interest base
• Instruction is designed around career interest base
• Opportunities for teachers and students to partner with
interest based stakeholders to enhance their academic
How are College and Career
Academies different than a typical
elective focus?
• Core academic classes integrate instruction around the
academy focus (when appropriate)
How did CMCSS determine which
academies would best fit student needs?
• Reviewed career interest surveys administered to 7th and
8th grade students
• Reviewed regional and national job trend data indicating
the jobs most in demand for the next 10 years
What were the findings?
Student Career Interest
Regional and National Job Trends
• Health Science
• Health Science
• Agriculture
• Agriculture
• Arts and Communication
• Construction
• Hospitality and Tourism
• Hospitality and Marketing
• Communication and
• Construction
• Finance and Accounting
• Law and Public Safety
Manufacturing (STEM)
What academies will
be available in CMCSS?
• Clarksville High School-The Academy of Business and Finance
• Kenwood High School – The STEM Academy
• Montgomery Central High School-The Academy of Plant and
Animal Systems
Northeast High School-The Academy of Computer and Game
Programming Technology
Northwest High School-The Health Science Academy
Rossview High School-The Academy of Media Arts and Technology
West Creek High School-The Academy of Criminal Justice and
Homeland Security
College and Career Academy
Application Process
• Complete student information for the academy
that the student has interest in attending
• Prioritize the student’s strands of interest
Digital Arts
Journalism/Mult & Design
Web Design
Art I
Journalism I
Digital Art and
Design I
Journalism II
Digital Art and
Design II
Web Essentials
Journalism III
Digital Art and
Design III
Web Application
Choice 1st, 2nd,3rd
College and Career Academy
Application Process
• Application window is March 5-14
• Applications available tonight, at your student’s
middle school, on each high school’s website,
and from the CMCSS homepage
• Commitment statement
• Identified by the school logo
Selection Process
• Applications to be submitted to your child’s middle school
counselor by March 14th
• College and career academy criteria is a completed
application by a student and parent (interest based)
• Exception of STEM Academy (academic and interest
• If college and career academy exceed number of seats
available (75—50/25) a lottery will be held on March 15th
Selection Process
• If student is not selected, they will be put on a waiting list
until April 15th
• If student is accepted, the school will register student
between March 16-22
• Accepted students register with the academy school
between March 16-22
• The academy high school will request student records
from last school attended
• Student will then be part of the academy within the high
school they were accepted including all extracurricular
• Renew student commitment to attend academy on a
yearly basis
• Out of zone parent assumes responsibility of transportation
• Options for transportation
• CHS-MCHS (pick up point at middle school and drop off at high
• ROHS-NEHS (pick up point at middle school and drop off at high
• WCHS-NWHS (pick up point at middle school and drop off at high
• Dismissed during 7th period, if they need out of zone transportation
excluding STEM
• Potential for parent to transport to out of zone middle school to provide
transportation for out of zone academy
• If a student fits the above qualifications the parents will fill out a
transportation form during registration
• Difference between STEM transportation (all schools have pick
up points for next year only*) and College and Career
Academies (just cluster pick up points)
Time to Visit Academy Representatives
from each High School
• 7 rooms
• Opportunity to ask questions
• Applications available
• If interested, submit applications to your student’s middle
school counselor by March 14th

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