9th Grade Matters PowerPoint Presentation

High School Graduation Requirements
 Must complete 220 Credits
 4 year English
 2 years of Math (10 credits from Algebra)
 2 years of History (1 year W. Hist. 1 year U.S. History)
 1 semester Government, 1 semester Economics
 2 years of Science ( 1 yr. Life, 1 yr. Physical)
 2 years of P.E.
 1 year of Fine Art OR Foreign Language
 1 semester of Health
 Must Pass the California High School Exit Exam
Cal State/UC Admission Requirements
A-G requirements
 “a” – 2 years of Social Science
 “b” – 4 years of English
 “c” – 3 years of Math (4 yrs. Rec.)
 “d” – 2 years of Science (3 yrs. Rec.)
 “e” – 2 years of Foreign Lang. (3 yrs. Rec)
 “f” – 1 year of Visual/Performing Art
 “g” – 1 year of Elective chosen from the Subject Areas listed
or approved College Prep Course
Grade Matters”
 Classes taken in 9th grade count toward graduation
and college entrance
 If you get an “F” in a class that is required for
graduation, you must make it up.
 This means summer school
(summer school may or may not be available…don’t rely on summer
school for credit recovery)
Go to class prepared
 Attendance is extremely important to the success of
any high school student
 Students must bring textbook, paper, pencil,
notebook, and highlighter
 Notebook should be organized- something your
parents/guardians can help with at home
 Don’t be afraid to ask questions
 Teachers are there to help
 If you don’t ask questions they don’t know that you
need the help
Daily Homework
 All homework assignments should be written on a
homework log and kept in the same place in your
 Homework needs to be completed daily
 Often accounts for 50% of grade
 Keep a list of daily homework
 Student planner
 Log provided
Sample Homework Log
Period Class/ Teacher
P.E./ Ms. Cordingly
Complete short essay
Biology/ Ms. Mason
Read Chapter 3 complete review
questions 1-6
Language Arts/ Mr. Torres
Write one paragraph about personal
success story
Algebra/ Mr. Kaan
Complete review worksheet and
Chapt. 4 questions pg. 115 questions
1-35 only odd problems
Contemporary Media/ Mr.
Complete write up on Sunday
Calendar section
Health/ Ms. Bogner
Read chapter 6 and complete review
questions 1-10
Parent Signature ______________
Where to do homework?
 Quiet place to study
 Sit upright at a desk or table
 No interruptions
 No television, phone, radio, i-pod, internet, video games
Notes – Assigned Readings
 Review class notes the day you write them
 Re-write if not clearly organized
 Make flashcards of important facts
 don’t wait until the night before a test
 Survey a chapter before you read it, look at the review
questions at the end so you are able to identify the
important facts while reading the chapter
Resources Available
 Weekly progress reports – to be picked up in J-1 on
 Teachers will fill out on Mondays with grade for the previous
 Link Crew tutoring available for Freshman on late start
Tuesdays in the Library
 Biology Teachers-offer tutoring once per month for
students to work on missing assignments for full credit
(talk to your Biology teacher for more details)
 Teachers
 Counselors
 Parents/Guardians
Academic Success Survey
On average how many hours a night do you spend on
What time do you do your homework?
Do you have a quiet place to study?
Have you ever attended tutoring?
How do you keep track of your grades?
Have you ever done weekly progress reports?
Career and Technical Education
 What is Career Technical Education CTE is a program that offers variety of classes at CHS
and other area high schools.
 Purpose is to help prepare students for college and
careers (marketable skills & strong work ethic).
 Offer students hands on experience needed to get and
keep a job.
 Students will learn new skills, train for a career, or build
on your current skills.
Career and Technical Education
 Auto
 Design Manufacture Technology
 Introduction to Engineering/ Architecture Drawing
 Tech Draw (CAD)
 3D Animation
 Metal
 Wood
 Photography
 Introduction to Computers
 Computer Applications
 Graphic Design
 Foods
Career and Technical Education Continued
CTE/ ROP Classes
Auto Collision & Refinishing
Careers in Science
Child Care Occupations
Computer Information System*
Dental X-ray/Sterilization
Dental Assisting
Dentrix (Dental Front Office Management.)
Digital Imaging
• EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
• Fire Technology*
• First Responders*
• Law Enforcement
• Medical Assistant
• Nurse Assistant
• Retail Sales and Marketing
• Sports Entertainment & Marketing
• Sports Therapy*
• Welding Occupations
* classes offered at Corona High School
Career and Technical Education Continued
 In the 10th grade all students will have participated in
activities to help identify several career options.
 In 11th and 12th grade all students will participate in
activities that allow them to further explore career
 Four Step Plan for Post- High School
Determine goal- college, college and graduation, college
graduation and employment
2. Develop a tentative career plan
3. Have a backup plan
4. Consider all the options
Career and Technical Education Continued
 Career Information- Some of the top paying jobs in
Riverside county do not require a 4 year degree
 83 % of Associate Degree Holders have the same
annual earnings as 4-yr college graduates
 Only 20-21% of all the jobs in the United States
require a 4-yr college degree or higher
Education Pays!
 High School 1-3 years/no degree ($560 per week)
 High School, 4 years/no degree ($595 per week)
 High School Graduate ($776 per week)
 Associate (2-year)degree, occupational ($887)
 Associate (2-year) degree, academic ($909 per week)
 Bachelor’s (4-year) Degree ($1320 per week)
 Master’s Degree (6-year) degree ($1715)
Grade Success
 Do the best you can!
 Ask questions/get help.
 Remember if you don’t like your class the first time,
you’re not going to like it any better the second time
 Questions/concerns…make an appointment with your
counselor, but remember we cannot take you out of
your classes or change your teachers.
 Remember a D is passing and will earn you 5

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