Call Centre Supervisor - Tele

 A real alternative to PBXs and Telephone Switches (CPE)
 A compelling Proposition
 Full PBX & IP Functionality
 FREE on-net calls; Off-net call savings
 Built in Business Continuity with all solutions
 Simplified management and operation
 Web-based Provisioning and management
 Accurate, auditable billing
 Unlimited flexibility & scalability
 Protecting YOUR investment
 Av. Of Analyst predictions: 32%* of market will migrate by end 2014 to a
hosted solution. * Source IDC, Frost & Sullivan, Gartner
Business Proposition
Direct Cost Savings
• Do away with PSTN and ISDN Line Rentals
• No further Capital Expenditure on PABX systems
• No Equipment Maintenance charges
Flexibility, Scalability and Control
• Services defined and billed on Individual Requirements
• No Charges or penalties for Moves, Adds and Changes
Competitive Advantage
• Professional voice systems at reduced cost/risk
Hosted Telephony, Why Now?
• Cloud Technology
• Disaster Recovery
• Opex and not Capex
• Flexible Working
• Evergreen Technology
Multi-DSL VLAN’d Voice and
Segmented Voice and Data
Multi-DSL VLAN’d - Voice only
Note: Where multiple switches are employed uplinks between them should be “Trunks”, to
allow multiple VLAN traffic.
• G729 – Compressed voice, 50k/call. Ideal for low bandwidth scenarios i.e broadband
• G711 – Uncompressed voice, 100k/call. Used where sufficient bandwidth exists.
• G722 – Wideband, 300k compressed to 100k/call. Hi-Q/HD voice, used for on-net calls
depending on handset.
ADSL Business Grade
• ~upload 832k supports 16 concurrent calls - G729 codec.
• ~upload 832k supports 8 concurrent calls - G711 codec.
FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet)
Extremely Cost Effective
• Upload 2Mb supports 34 concurrent calls - G729 codec.
• Upload 2Mb supports 18 concurrent calls - G711 codec.
• Upload 10Mb supports 170 concurrent calls - G729 codec.
• Upload 10Mb supports 90 concurrent calls – G711 codec
Leased Lines (2-10mb)
• High capacity, enhanced SLA service
• Used for scenarios >45 concurrent calls where SDSL not available
Ethernet First Mile from Openreach (2-100mb)
• Dedicated, uncontended copper/fibre p2p circuit from customer site directly to Inclarity platform –
Fully managed and maintained by Inclarity with enhanced SLAs
SIP Trunks
• Replacement connectivity for ISDN’s where customer wishes to use their legacy PABX
Phone Manager Portal
control GUI
Hunt Groups, Call Reporting, Fax 2
Voicemail to E-mail
Virtual Call Centre Applications
Follow-me Disaster
SIP Trunks
Call Waiting
Auto Attendant / IVR
Call Barring
Bespoke Music on Hold
3-Way Conferencing
Call Recording PSI and FSA compliant
Multi-terminal users
Operator Consoles
CLIP – Call Line
Conference Bridge
Mobile Softphone
Toolbar for CTI and CRM
Call reports - time, date,
number called
• Anonymous Call Rejection • Conference (3w)
• Do Not Disturb
• Call Barring (Outbound)
• Extension Dialing
• Call Forwarding Always
• Last Number Redial
• Call Forwarding Busy
• Line Monitor
• Call Forwarding No Answer • Message Waiting
• Call Forward Restriction
• Call Hold
• Music on Hold (Global
• Call Logs (handset)
• Open periods
• Call Park
• PA-Manager
• Call Transfer (Blind)
• Call Transfer (Consultation) • Pickup - Directed
• Pickup – Group
• Call Waiting
• CLI Filtering (Allow/Deny) • Quick Dial
• CLI Presentation Inbound • Ring on Hold
• CLI Presentation Outbound • Speed dial (10)
• CLI Substitution Outbound • Time Zone
• Calling Name Delivery
• Web Call logs (PM)
• Calling Line ID Blocking
Configurable via SMT and/or Phone Manager
Call Centre:
• Supervisor client
• Real time dash/wallboard
• Historical reporting
• Call & Queue control
• Agent client
PhoneX-One Reporting:
• Historical reporting
• Report creation
• Scheduling and export
Call Recording:
• 30 day hosting of calls
• Archiver - local storage
• Media player
Bria Softphone:
• PC version
Bria Mobile MSC “app”:
• Mobile phone – one
number, one handset
XXXX Hosted Telephony has 100%
Business Continuity so that in the event of
disruption you continue to operate and earn
YouGov survey showed:
◦ Over 33% of companies have no plan
◦ Nearly 40% have had a loss of service in
last 12 months
◦ Of these, 60% were for more than a day
◦ What is the cost of lost revenues per day?
60% of companies that experienced a loss
of normal telecoms for a period of 10 days,
ceased trading within a year
- Henley Mgt Institute 2013
Incoming call via PSTN
Inclarity provides a Business As Usual interim call routing
solution that does not just address disaster recovery but
ensures that service continues in the first place.
IP co
Mobile Phone
Inclarity Hosted PABX
Home PSTN Line
Supports multiple Queues: Easily monitor and manipulate multiple
Queue Manipulation: Add incoming calls to a queue; move calls within
Queue Filtering: Log in/out of queues; choose which Queues to display
Queue Statistics: call and queue related statistics
Bria Softphone client deployed onto iPhone or and Android mobile
End user will need a standard licence or multi-subscriber licence. The end
user needs to purchase an “app” from either iTunes or Android
Marketplace depending on their smartphone
Order placed with Inclarity for MSC feature
End user incentive is twofold. The amount of call traffic on costly mobile
operator will decrease, additionally mobile phone users would be an
extension away from the office and could use a single number to advertise
to the outside world
Bria is a softphone that enables VoIP voice calls
 Video calls are possible– softphone to softphone on-net only
Support across Windows / Mac / Linux OS
Supported features:
 Message waiting indicator
 Call Waiting
 Call Hold
 Call Transfer
 3w conference
 Do Not Disturb
 Call Forward Always
 Call history
 Call pop-up notification
The Auto Attendant is reached by dialling an associated phone number or an
extension. Once connected to the Auto Attendant, the caller is played a greeting that
provides a menu of options to complete call routing
One-Key Dialling –
Operator Dialling –
The caller presses a single digit to reach a particular
or group of phones.
The caller presses a pre-defined key to reach an
Extension Dialling –
The caller enters the extension of the intended party
the numerical Keypad
Immediate Extension Dialling
The administrator may elect to allow callers to dial an
extension from the first-level menu.
Business Hour Support – Administrators can define time schedules for their group.
Multiple time schedules can be created.
Non-DTMF Callers –
Those who do not press a key, are transferred to the operator
(defined destination).
Menu Repeat –
Callers wishing to repeat menus will press #. This digit is predefined and cannot be changed.
Guaranteed Recording
All PSTN incoming and outgoing calls are
recorded with the option of recording Inter site
Real time “listen in”
The live acquire function enables supervisors
to listen in real time to calls to monitor quality
of service.
Call Export
Calls can be exported in a .wav format to be used by other applications or users. Calls
may also be emailed.
Web based Portal
Easy to use GUI based search facility that allows the user to search on any of a set of
call attributes during the 30 day call storage period. These include: time and date stamp, extension
from where the call was made, outbound dialled number, Caller ID number or Caller ID name.
Backup of recorded calls and database acquired via Call Archiver
Integrated Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer and Firefox toolbar that
enables users to make and accept telephone calls, and change telephone
 Integrated with the Inclarity platform
 Outbound click-to-dial from Outlook contacts
 Designed for corporate, SOHO, and high-end residential users
 Highlight a phone number on a Web page or outlook email and right-click
to dial
 Call notifications with caller identification from Inclarity and Microsoft
Outlook directories
 Call control
 View personal directories
 View/Delete Call History
Business Conferencing – an enterprise solution to support a large number of
Each subscriber can have access to their own personal bridge
Web based Moderator controls
In-call functions via DTMF
Time block pricing model
The Call Centre is a carrier-class, desktop communications management product
for users of the Broadsoft platform, provided by Inclarity Communications
With Call Centre, you can manage call centre activity from your desktop, no
additional on premise Hardware is required
Designed for basic to fully-featured Call Centre deployments for both inbound
and outbound calls
Key Features
Customer Configurable queues– With audio announcements giving wait position
or average wait time and with comfort greeting options .
 Phone-based Agent Log-on/off; Configurable wrap up timer; & overflow , with
call protection against bounced calls (agent doesn’t answer) and stranded (no
agents signed in) options.
 Agent & Supervision Desktop PC Client applications
 Supervisor monitoring functions – “Dashboard”; Barge in. Queue monitoring
 Reporting Tools – real time and historical
• Call Distribution
– Linear – “Fixed”
– Circular – “Cyclic”
– Uniform – “Longest idle”
– Simultaneous – “Parallel”
– Weighted – “Random”
• Advanced Queue Features
– Queue Announcements
• Entrance Greeting
• Comfort announcement
• Music in Queue
– Queue management
• Wait Time Exceeded
• Configurable Queue
• Escape to Voice Mail
– Queue Mailbox
• Service Policies
– Business Hour Policies (open periods)
– Overflow (Busy/GT)
– Service level settings
• Call Centre Agent
– Available/Unavailable//Wrap-up
– Screen pop-ups (outlook)
– Outbound Click to Dial
• Call Centre Supervisor
– Barge-in
– Agent Monitoring
– Queue Management
– Integrated Reporting
• Standard CC Capacities
- Maximum Agents/Supervisors per CC A-1000/S-200
- Maximum number of queued calls per CC
The call centre applications are priced as additional features
that are added to a standard or multi-terminal subscriber there are three
License option .
Agent License
Agent Client License
Supervisor Client License
For example a call centre agent license using the agent application
the cost would be £Subscriber+£Agent per month per agent.
There is no charge for the call centre queue’s so you can have multiple call
queue groups pointing to the agents or supervisors
Launched from the SMT with
various metrics displayed
Auto-refreshed every second
Provides a snap-shot of the
call centre’s productivity
Enables the agents to see
their performance
Can be used to provide a more
competitive environment
Agent Activity
Service Level
Report Type
Real Time
Real Time
Available on
• The amount of time agent spent in
specific call states
• The number of calls and duration of calls
by call type during the defined interval
Agent and Supervisor
• Totals over the specified time period for
all call centers the agent was logged into
• A comparison of how a particular agent’s
performance compares with all agents for
a set of call centers, for which the agent
is a member
• Traffic measurement information per
specified queue, or all queues
• Permits the supervisor to understand the
call volume and whether the appropriate
number of agents have been staffed
• Allows a call centre manager, or a
supervisor to understand whether the call
centre is meeting the required service

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