International Exchange Application Overview

Strathclyde’s Agenda
To encourage Strathclyde students to have some kind
of international experience during their degree.
Student Exchange Team
• Allison Handley – International Exchange Coordinator
• Kate Kenyon – ERASMUS Exchange Co-ordinator
• Karen Robley – Exchanges Assistant
Recruitment and International Office (RIO)
Graham Hills Building
Level 4
International Exchange
• Spend 1 or 2 semesters of your undergraduate degree at a
partner university.
• Take classes which are compatible with your Strathclyde
• Take your exams at the partner university
• Receive academic credit for the exams you pass.
• Credit is transferred to your Strathclyde degree.
• Return to Strathclyde to complete your degree.
• Not intended to affect duration of your degree.
Eligibility Criteria
• Each Department/Faculty/School has its own minimum academic
standard for provisional/final approval to study abroad.
HASS – average of 55% or above
ENG – average of around 60% or above
CPE looking for average of 70% or above
SCI – average of 60% or above
• This does not guarantee you a place.
• Very competitive programme.
• Provisional academic approval at application stage.
• Final academic approval following May 2015 exams.
Estimate Costs
• Tuition fees continue to be paid to Strathclyde. You do not pay
tuition at the host University.
• Estimate costs £6,000/semester
– Visa application and fee
– Flights
– Accommodation and meals
– Medical/Health Insurance
– Books
– Limited Scholarships available
2015/16 options
• Handout - University-wide agreements
• Limited places available at each University
• Places assigned according to availability, demand,
current academic standing , course requirements,
curriculum match and if study abroad is a compulsory
requirement of your Strathclyde degree.
• Strong competition
• Which universities have students from your course
studied at previously? (handout)
• Potentially you can apply to any of the Universities listed
provided they offer suitable classes.
Duration of Exchange
• USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore
– 1 or 2 semesters
– S1 may begin as early as mid August – Dec
– S2 begins early January
– Students going for one semester would go in S1.
Australia / New Zealand
• Semesters back to front with Strathclyde
– Limited to one semester (Feb to May semester)
– Find out if your classes at Strathclyde are run on a
semester/full year basis to determine your
Application Procedure
Online application
Opens early January 2015 – we will email you
List 3 Universities (in order of preference)
Provide a provisional list of classes for each
• Personal Statement
• RIO will forward your application to your
Department, Faculty or School for provisional
academic approval and ranking.
Timescales for International Exchange
• Application opens early January
• Application closes 30 January
• Can apply to International Exchange and ERASMUS. Will assume
International Exchange is your preference
• If ERASMUS is your preference, don’t apply for International Exchange.
• RIO will notify you of outcome of your application by 2 March
• 48 hours to accept place otherwise it will be reallocated
• RIO will send you application information for host University
• Host University meetings in April
• Pre-Departure meetings in May
• Final Academic Approval to study abroad in June/July following May
• New system – thanks for your patience!
Classes/courses at host University
Contact Exchange/Academic Adviser in your Department or School.
Ask for details of your core/compulsory classes in 2015/16
Search for class catalogue on partner University’s homepage.
Usually level 3 (3rd year) classes
Select classes from other years if they offer a better fit.
Visit RIO to check Feedback Files in case this information is already
• List links to partner institutions class catalogue (for your Exchange
adviser to look at).
• Opportunity to review your classes when you have been assigned
and are applying to particular host University.
Exchange Advisers
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
• Francesco Sindico – Law
• David Rowe – Sport and Physical Activity
• Gisele Mackenzie Smith – English, History or
Modern Languages.
• Claire Timmins – Speech and Language Pathology
• Kellyanne Findlay – Psychology
• Fabrizio de Francesco – Government and Politics
Faculty of Engineering
Mike Angus/Lynne Harvey – Architecture
Philippe Sentenac – Civil Engineering
Bruce Postlethwaite – Chemical Engineering
Alasdair Downes – DMEM
David Harle – EEE
Andrew McLaren – Mechanical Engineering
Erkan Oterkus - NAME
Faculty of Science / SBS
Alison Gray – Mathematics
Luke Chamberlin – SIPBS
Peter Skabara – P&A Chemistry
Francesco Papoff – Physics
Conor McBride – Computer Science
• SBS – Lorna Bennet

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