Explanation of Dual Credit – Spanish IV

Dual Credit – Spanish IV
Spanish IV Dual Credit
• Students that successfully complete Spanish I,
II, and III can take Spanish IV and earn 8
college credits if he or she earns a C or better
in the class.
• Students must pass a placement test to take
this course. The placement test covers what
you should learn in Spanish I, II, and III.
Can I take this course?
• You can take this class if you take Spanish I – III
and do well in these classes (learn the
vocabulary and grammar).
• You must demonstrate what you have learned
the in Spanish I – III by passing the placement
8 credits!!!!
• You will earn 8 college credits that you can
transfer to any state of IL school and most
other colleges and universities. There may be
some schools that don’t accept this credit (ex.
• These credits will probably be applied to your
general education requirements in college.
Why should I take this class?
• 8 college credits will save you approximately
• This will save you time in college and give you
flexibility if you drop a class.
What do I need to do now?
• Do well in Spanish!
• Take Spanish for 4 years!

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