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Family Law Child Support
New Clerk Training
Wednesday September 18, 2013
Hon. Brent X. Thurmond
Family Law: Types of Cases
Child Support Case Establishment
Title IV-D Cases – What are these?
Non-Title IV-D Cases
Duties of the Depository
Clerks’ Child Support Services – How are these paid
7. State Disbursement Unit – What is this?
8. Central Disbursement Unit – What is this?
9. CLERC System – What is this?
10.Where to get Help?
Family Law: Types of Cases
Domestic Violence
Divorce and Child Support
Child Support Case Establishment
Dissolution of Marriage
Enforcement of Support
Title IV-D Cases
What are these?
Non-Title IV-D Cases
Income Deduction Orders
Paid to the Clerk
Paid between the Parties
Duties of the Depository
Official Record
Authorize Disbursements & Maintain
Payment History
Delinquency Notices
Judgments and Arrearages
Clerk’s Child Support Services
How are these paid for?
Non-Title IV-D Filing Fees
Non-Title IV-D Payment Processing Fees
Fees paid through the SDU
Fees paid directly to the Depository
Cooperative Agreements
State Disbursement Unit
What is this?
Central Disbursement Unit
What is this?
CLERC System
What is this?
“Clerk of Court Child Support Collection
System” or “CLERC System” means the
automated system established pursuant to s.
61.181(2)(b)1., integrating all Clerks of Court
and depositories and through which payment
data and State Case Registry data is
transmitted to the Department of Revenue’s
automated child support enforcement system.
Participation is mandatory - Chapter 61 of the
Florida Statues.
CLERC System
Maintains all Child Support Depository
The application is used by all 67 Florida
Maintained and supported by CiviTek
CLERC Application Functions
Case Maintenance
Case party demographic
Obligation breakdown
SDU Lock-box processing
Daily Payment Procedures
Payment Disbursements
Delinquency and Judgments
Warrant Operations
Bank Reconciliations
Code Tables
System Reports
CLERC Application Interfaces
DOR – Department of Revenue
Weekly SCR (State Case Registry) Files
SCR Non IV-D case data
Daily Disbursement Files
Hrsdata – IV-D payment disbursement data
306 – DOR disbursement detail
CLERC Application Interfaces
SDU – State Disbursement Unit
Daily Case information demographic
110 files
Daily Receipts and Disbursement Files
270 (lock-box) – SDU receipts (48 hour turn around time)
305 Clerk disbursements
950 Non IV-D disbursements
Daily Exception Files
37501 misapplied
37502 change of address
37503 stop/void payments
Central Site – FCCC repository
All data transmitted to and from the CLERC system, DOR
system and SDU is warehoused at FCCC.
Child Support Terms
“IV-D Cases” – Cases receiving child support services
through DOR.
“Non IV-D” – Cases not receiving assistance through DOR
services, but Child Support case is ordered to be paid
through depository.
“IDO” Income Deduction Order – An order by the court
requiring an employer to deduct payments from the payor
and to remit them directly to SDU.
“OTC” Over The Counter – Payments that are processed at
the local Clerk’s office.
SDU – State Disbursement Unit
DOR – Department of Revenue
CSE – Child Support Enforcement
Where to get Help?
FCCC Service Desk for Technical Issues
Resolution Team for Constituent Issues

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