Digital Preservation Practices and Strategies at

Digital Preservation Practices and Strategies
at Colorado State University Libraries
Presented by
Beth Oehlerts
Metadata Management Librarian,
Colorado State University Libraries
Shu Liu
Digital Services Librarian,
Colorado State University Libraries
Get Everyone
Why Collaborate?
Preservation Planning Meetings
Digital Content
•Selected archival collections
•University publications
•Faculty publications
•Theses and dissertations
•Student research projects
Born digital and
Digitized materials
File Formats
Archival master files
Preservation support
Preservation Support
Persistent identifier
Preservation metadata
Secure storage & backup
Periodic refreshment
Fixity checks
Storage in trusted preservable format
Strategic monitoring of formats
Migration to succeeding formats
Levels of Preservation Support for
Content Contributors
• Greatest
• Limited
• Minimal
Digital Content Management
CONTENTdm (legacy)
DigiTool (IR)
Staging and Archival Server
Storage virtualization (discussion)
Preservation Metadata
PREMIS Data Model
Archiving Documentation
Spreadsheet showing some descriptive metadata fields
Spreadsheet showing some technical metadata fields
I.R. metadata and thumbnail for the
image “Lunch”
Lessons Learned
•Determine what to preserve and why
•Commit to preservation
•Communicate with and build trust among all stakeholders
•Authenticate and review all content
•Implement established processes
•Automate whenever possible
•Remain flexible
Selected Resources on Preservation Planning
Digital Curation Center – Trustworthy Repositories
Center for Research Libraries
• CRL - Certification and Assessment
Trustworthy Repositories Audit and Certification checklist (TRAC)
• CRL - Ten Principles (Characteristics) of Digital Preservation Repositories
Selected Resources on Digital Preservation
National Library of Australia’s Digital Preservation Policy 3rd Edition (2008)
Preserving Our Digital Heritage: the National Digital Information Infrastructure
and Preservation Program 2010 Report. A Collaborative Initiative of The Library
of Congress
Cornell Digital Preservation Policy Framework
ICPSR Digital Preservation Policy Framework
Thank You
Beth Oehlerts
[email protected]
Shu Liu
[email protected]

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