Sikuli Demo + NoVaTAIG
June 8, 2011
Dr. Tom Yeh
University of MD
Dan Bonesteel, Rudy Regner
• Sikuli User Experience at OMB (Rudy and Dan)
Sikuli environment diagram
Sikuli workflow
Recording a Sample Script
Tool Settings
• Fuzzy Logic Pattern matching
– Flow Control Features
• Loops, delays, etc
• Assertions, interfacing with Jython
– Record a script and playback
• Sikuli Current Status (Dr. Yeh)
– Sikuli history
– User Communities
– New Developments and future direction
Sikuli Environment Diagram
Sikuli Proof Of Concept @ OMB
Shared Desktop App – similar to
Adobe Connect
What Shared Desktop does
Can open a personal or group room for sharing
Person who opens a room is the room owner
Room owner sends URL invitations to attendees
Room owner can accept attendees individually or
• Room owner can change attendees permissions –
view only, mouse only, keyboard/mouse, host
(full permissions including changing other
attendee permissions)
What we did @ OMB
• Wrote two Sikuli scripts:
– One represented the actions of the room owner
– One represented the actions of an attendee
• The two scripts simulated how a room works, and were
launched at the same time:
– The room owner opened his room and waited for the attendee
to enter
– The attendee sent the room URL and waited for the room to
– Once the room was opened the room owner accepted the
– The room owner gave the attendee Host permission
– The attendee opened up a Word document and the room and
entered text
– The room owner also entered text into the same Word
NoVaTAIG Demo Outline
1) How to record Sikuli script using IDE
a) Sikuli syntax - keywords
b) Image Pattern Matching
2) How to call Sikuli from Watir-Webdriver/ Cucumber
a) Feature file
b) Scenarios/ Scenario Outline
c) Step Definitions
d) HTML output
Start by Using Sikuli IDE to record
Verify the images are recognized
Verify, then migrate sikuli images to
Cucumber/ Watir-Webdriver folder
Feature file
Step definitions
Supporting ruby methods
Run the cucumber (happy cuking!)
All Green
Failure scenario
Dr. Yeh’s Presentation (30 minutes)
For a copy of the cucumber/watir-webdriver/sikuli scripts that were demo’d, please
contact [email protected]
For a copy of the prototype sikuli storyboard and runner that was demo’d, please contact
[email protected]

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