Administration Seminar 2013 - Returned Services League Australia

Deed of Agreement
Who is covered by the Deed?
* RSL State Branch
* RSL sub-Branches
* Subsidiaries
What is the Deed’s purpose?
* To ensure RSL NSW complies with its taxation
* To ensure RSL NSW continues to be tax
compliant in the future
To meet the obligations RSL NSW:1. Comply with RSL NSW Constitution
2. Comply with the criteria and protocol set out
in the Deed
3. State Branch to monitor compliance of its
4. Non-compliance by sub-Branches
What is RSL NSW’s Charitable Purposes
and Activities?
1. Welfare activities in support of its members,
veterans and their dependants
2. Payment of donations to approved RSL charities
3. Commemorative activities
4. Promotion of RSL NSW Objects in the
5. Expenditure in promotion of RSL NSW objects
What are the criteria for compliance?
1. A record of the activities of the sub-Branch
2. Record of the number of volunteer hours involved in the
3. Welfare and Pension Officers attend all sub-Branch
meetings and report on activities
4. Sub-Branches shall create and keep a financial budget
5. Statement of duties for Officers
6. Record details of all donations
7. Cannot make unspecified accumulation of funds for
future projects or accumulate excessive funds
What are the protocols?
1. Each sub-Branch must comply with RSL NSW Constitution and
the criteria
2. Minutes of sub-Branch meetings must record the activities of
the sub-Branch that relate to the charitable activities
3. Record any of the voluntary work
4. Any payments, necessary accounting records and invoices
5. Record of donations made
6. Budget
7. RSL State Branch review each year sub-Branch activities to
ensure compliance with RSL NSW Constitution, the Criteria and
State Branch
Direct Deposits
Account Name
- The Returned and Services League
of Australia (NSW Branch)
- Commonwealth Bank
- Corner of Liverpool and Castlereagh
Streets, Sydney, NSW
- 062 016
Account Number
- 0000 0741
What information to provide?
* sub-Branch Code
Temora = 8514
* N/M
- New Member(s)
{Application Forms}
* R/N
- Renew Member(s)
{Renewal Slips}
* T/D
- Trade Debtor
{No Paperwork}
Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing
Administers Charitable Fundraising Act
Email – [email protected]
Renewal of Authority of Fundraise
* Must include your last available audited financial
- Balance Sheet
- State of Income and Expenditure
- Auditor’s Report
* All organisations that hold a charitable fundraising
authority must have their accounts audited annually

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