Condover Meeting Powerpoint

Condover Hall Meeting
Wednesday 25th February 5:30 – 6:00pm
Health and Safety
A Typical day
What the pupils may bring
Sample menu
What will happen on Monday
23rd March
 Final Preparations
 Questions
These are the activities that the children will be doing this
year. More information can be found on the Condover Hall
Dance Mania
Leap of Faith (trapeze)
Body Zorbing
Laser Maze
Grid of Stones
Laser Tag
 Wet and Wacky (playing games
in the swimming pool)
 Silent Disco
 Giant Cluedo
 Nocturnal Safari
 Indoor Caving
 Initiative Exercises
The children will be divided into four groups during the day. These will be
based on the friendship circles that the children completed before
All activities are led by the centre’s fully trained staff.
Mr Barton- Harvey, Mrs Clarke, Miss Dow and Miss Caldwell will each
accompany a group whilst the children participate in the activities.
Mrs Cumberlidge will float between groups and give assistance if needed.
Alternative plans will be made in the case of adverse weather.
Health and Safety
 Each JCA instructor is first aid trained and carries a first aid kit
at all times.
 Daily safety and equipment checks are made and recorded by
JCA instructors.
 Full risk assessments for all activities have been carried out by
 Any accidents or near misses are recorded regularly by JCA
instructors and corrective action is taken to ensure that they
are avoided in the future.
Health and Safety
 All JCA staff wear a uniform and name badges with a
 All staff members are CRB checked.
 Condover Hall has CCTV and security barriers at the entrance.
 Senior staff are on site from 7am to 11pm.
 Night security patrols run from 11pm to 7am.
 Condover Hall has been informed of all medical conditions
and dietary requirements. Please inform our office of any
changes as soon as possible.
A Typical Day
Session 1:
9:00 to 10:30
10:30 to 10:45
Session 2:
Lunch :
10:45 to 12:15
12:15 to 14:00
Session 3:
14:00 to 15:30
15:30 to 15:45
Session 4:
15:45 to 17:15
17:15 to 19:15
Session 5:
19:15 to 20:45
21:30 – hopefully!
 All children will be in dormitories with at least 2 other children.
 We are in the Owen building based on two floors.
 Members of our staff will also be sleeping on both floors.
 All rooms have toilets and showers.
 Our accommodation block has key pad security.
 The children will be informed of their dormitories once we arrive at
Condover Hall.
 There is no public access to the accommodation.
What the pupils may bring
The children may bring:
Please do not bring:
Snacks (no chewing gum)
A book/comic
A disposable camera
A torch
A hairdryer (no straighteners)
Up to £5 in a labelled purse (for
the tuck shop)
Mobile phones
Any other electrical appliances
Jewellery - including earrings
Sharp objects
Fizzy pop
Glass bottles
Sample Menu
 Breakfast:
 A choice of cereals and a cooked breakfast.
Baguette & wrap bar with a large choice of fillings.
Fish fingers with curly fries & coleslaw.
Salad bar.
Vegetable soup.
Beef / vegetable casserole with rice.
Ham & cheese pizza.
A selection of salad and vegetables.
Rice pudding.
Monday 23rd March
Please arrive at school at the normal time.
Children will give medication to group leaders (please ensure that it is labelled with a
name, dosage and times).
Group leaders will collect any purses/wallets.
The children will need a packed lunch for the first day – brought in a disposable bag.
Our coach will depart at 11am.
If required, bring a travel pill to take at school before leaving.
Please ensure that all luggage is clearly labelled (and all clothes)
Children do not have to wear school uniform!
Final Preparations
Over the next three weeks we will:
 Tell the children which member of staff is their group leader
and who else is in their group.
 Ask the children to buddy-up with a friend.
 Stipulate expected behaviour/consequences.
 Discuss relevant health and safety issues.
 Have a final meeting to go over key information.
Any Questions?

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