Graduate Teacher Programme

Graduate Teacher Programme
Primary and Secondary
University College Plymouth,
St Mark and St John
March 2011
Graduate Teacher Programme
‘The Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP) is an
employment-based route into teaching. GTP trainees
train to teach while working in the employment of the
school on a programme tailored to meet their individual
(TDA 2006)
GTP Training
UCP St Mark & St John
GTP Trainee
Qualified Teacher Status
The Role of UCP Marjon
Selection and interview
Guidance and monitoring on Initial Needs
Analysis / Training Plan
Support for trainees: University College Trainer
Support for Lead school: provision of appropriate
documentation; training of School Based Trainers
Accredited access to finance
QTS assessment
Quality assurance
School Based Training
 School based Trainers allocated
 Weekly lesson observation and
 Weekly review meetings
 Training opportunities
Trainee gathers, logs and organises
evidence for the Standards…
…and Employment
 Trainee employed by school
 Costs supported by salary
 50% timetable by the end
of Term 1
 60% by the end of Term 2
 80% by the end of Term 3
Lead School
• Experience and expertise in ITT: recognised
Partnership School
• Leads training and supports trainee
• Responsibility for CRB disclosure
• Signs and follows a Partnership Agreement
Second School
Second school programme arranged through Lead
Complementary training programme
Half a term in duration (during the Spring Term)
Salary Grant: contribution towards employment
Training Grant for:
 Initial Needs Assessment/Training Plan
 University College based training
 Training at school
 Relevant courses, materials etc
• Training programme normally one year
• University College monitors progress of trainee
across four visits
• Final assessment visit in June/July
• QTS recommendation to the GTC only if ALL
Standards are met
Selection and Interview
Requirements as specified in ‘Qualifying to Teach’
(TDA 2002)
Subject knowledge
School experience
Written and oral communication
Personal/interpersonal qualities
Potential to meet the Standards by the end of the course?
The Interview
Literacy ‘test’; reading and writing skills
Focus on oral skills
Subject Knowledge audits
Group interview – short verbal presentation
Questions focused on professionalism, curriculum
subject knowledge, teaching and learning
Points to consider…
 The first step for all applicants is to find a school willing to employ
them as an unqualified teacher then seek the school's agreement
to support them for their training. The school will also need to be
able to cover the ‘on costs’ of the employment year.
 Schools have to be partnership schools with UCP Marjon
 Applicants must not use schools where their dependents are
attending, or they have a member of their family working. Schools
in 'Special Measures' and Referral Units do not employ GTP
trainees. GTP training cannot be undertaken within Special Schools,
however they can provide training as a Second School Placement.
 PRIMARY applications for 2011 are closed. Applications for 2012
will open in October 2011
 SECONDARY applications are still open for 2011 intake
Points to consider…
• This route is designed for applicants who have significant school
experience and maturity. You need to have worked with children and
young people. Relevant teaching experience will be considered; such
as work as a teaching assistant, relevant youth and community work,
or focused periods of teaching and observation.
• Degree qualification, 2:2 and above is needed and must be in a subject
relevant to primary teaching or be at least 50% of the subject you will
be teaching for secondary
• Subjects available for Secondary are as follows; ICT, Maths, MFL, RE,
Science (all shortage subjects). The non-shortage subjects are: Art,
Geography, PE, and English (may be combined with Drama i.e. English
with Drama).
• All those wishing to enter Initial Teacher Training are required to have
achieved a standard equivalent to a Grade C in the GCSEs in English
and Mathematics. Applicants who are applying for primary are also
required to have achieved a standard equivalent to a Grade C in GCSE
in a Science subject.
‘A challenging year to say the least – but the
structure and support we had made it an
excellent year. You really do train to become a
teacher . . .’
‘No two days in school are the same.’
‘The buzz when pupils learn is fantastic . . .’
‘I came into teaching to make a difference – and I
have. I love it!’
Kate Bray
Primary GTP Programme Leader
Shaaron Sanderson
Secondary GTP Programme Leader
Jo Carkett – GTP Administrator 01752 636800
[email protected]

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