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Notes About Examples
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provided as illustrative examples of system functionality and are not meant to represent actual screen responses, rates,
GlobalWare v5.20
2011 Release
Speaker Jules Simon Ashcraft
Date September 2011
GlobalWare Design Team
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
Enhancements that did not make
it into the GlobalWare 5.20 Release
GlobalWare Background Themes- Safari Series
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
Safari Series Continued
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
Party Theme
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
GlobalWare Pop-ups
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
Synchronizing Car and Hotel
Data with the DJD MIR
How to Drive DJD MIR
An agent can run the command, HBDJD, on the record and it will send a DJD
MIR to GlobalWare.
If the car and hotel has changes, new bookings, or cancelations, they can be
sent to an Apollo queue, then a robotic could run a HBDJD on those PNRs
and it would automate the process.
How does GlobalWare Process the DJD MIR
Update, will update changes made to existing bookings. Add, will add new
bookings. Cancel, will cancel bookings that no longer exist in the PNR and
will cancel duplicates, leaving only the last interfaced booking in GlobalWare.
Manually added car and hotel bookings are not impacted by the DJD MIR.
Interface Setup
When selections in Update
Car/Hotel Bookings are checked,
then it will update, add, and
cancel, car and hotel booking
based on PNRs sent from the
DJD MIR which is a non-faring
MIR that was previously not
processed by GlobalWare.
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
TUR Segment Formats for Air
Amtrak, Southwest, non-participating carriers, corporate booking
tools, or providers that charge debit memos for holding passive
GDS content.
What had to be done to Facilitate this Enhancement
Multiple format changes were required to be able to store air
records from TUR segment with multiple passenger names,
incrementing ticket numbers, tax fields, etc.
Formats Required to Enhance TUR Segments
• Multiple Passenger Option: /TKT and /TKT-ALL
If the PNR has multiple names, the air item (and segments) could be stored for 1 passenger or each
passenger. Generally with air, each passenger has a separate ticket. With Amtrak, however, there is
one ticket for a family in the first passenger’s name. The default will be to store an air item under the
first Traveler in the PNR unless, /TKT or /TKT-ALL format is used.
• Airline format for air/car/hotel/rail: /V
This is a change to the existing /V format. If the travel type is A, R, C, or H and the provider code in the
/V format is 3 characters or fewer and it is a valid provider, the Apollo interface will store those
characters in the .Airline (A/L) field of the GlobalWare invoice, not only in the Provider field.
For example:
Provider = 554, Airline = 554
Provider = AMTRAK, Airline is blank
• ARC Document Number with no document type: /TAThis is a new variation for the existing /TA- format. If the /TA- document number is followed by an * and
no document type, then the item will interface as an ARC item with no Doc Type.
Examples, where alc=airline code, and nnnnnnnnn= ticket number:
/TA-alc-nnnnnnnnnn* no document type stored
Invoice.DocType = MCO
GlobalWare 5.20 , 2011 Release
Required Formats Continued
• Taxes: /TXnThe formats for Tax1, Tax2, Tax3, and Tax4 are as follows, respectively:
Where 999.99 is the amount of the tax
If no decimal point is entered, the interface will assume no cents.
To enter a negative tax amount, include a minus sign. For example:
Notes: These formats will be available for nonair bookings like, port tax for a cruise booking. However,
for Tours and Cruises tax amounts, they will be added to the /Q amount, so it should not include taxes.
Formats will not be valid for LeisureShopper.
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
TUR Segment Formats /G- and /GA• Primary Segment Data: /GFor example:
If you would like to skip a field, enter just the dash delimiter and go on to the next field.
For example, if you do not want to enter depart/arrival times:
• Additional Segment Data: /GAFor example:
If you would like to skip a field, enter just the dash delimiter and go on to the next field.
For example, if you do not want to enter nautical miles:
Note: The /GA- goes with the preceding /G-. So the order must be /G- /GA- /G- /GA- etc. The fifth
position in the /G-, which is depart date and the first position in the /GA-, which is arrival date is required
for the segment to store.
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
Sample TUR Segment PNR
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
Enter and Post Receipts on One Screen
This enhancement allows for deposits to be done on one screen and individual items maybe posted,
verses having to wait until the end of the deposit to post all items together.
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
MIR Enhancement: Longer Name
and # Units
GlobalWare version 5.20, it is able to store the Longer Name and
Units, when “Release A” is set to “Y” in the MMOD table. This
allows up to 55 characters in the passenger name and up to 99
booked units for Hotels and Tours. Increased Car units is setup,
but pending an Apollo enhancement. For more information, see,
PA 1171 (Version 02) Apollo™ and Galileo™ MIR Enhancements
2011 Release A:
Free-Form Comments for Invoices
When displaying an invoice, there is now a “Notes” button, which allows up to 255 characters of entry
per line item. These notes are stored in a table and maybe accessed and edited (through Edit User) via
third party reporting software.
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
Sales Analysis- Compare
Previous year to current
In Sales Analysis there is a last year
comparison check box, which allows for
comparative analysis for sales for current
year versus the previous year in one
landscape report.
Ticket Activity Report
Found under Reports,
Agency Management
Reports, a new report is
available that allows
query of tickets that are
exchanged and
refunded. Also, has the
option to show fees and
memos that are
associated with them.
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
Override for Non-Air Travel Dates
Due to current limitations, when booking a trip greater than 364 days into the future, it would not store
the correct travel dates and the dates would need to be edited in the back-office. This format sends over
travel dates that are more than 364 days into the future. These formats can be used for Cars, Hotels,
Tours, Cruises, etc. (not available for use with LeisureShopper or /G-, /GA- segment formats). This
override must be used in standard override formats which are associated with the itinerary item. Thus
each item in the PNR must include the override for the specified travel dates for that item to store in
GlobalWare with those dates.
Apollo associated segments are CAR, HTL, CRU, TUR, etc., depending on the item that the segment is
related too.
The format for Travel Dates override is as follows:
where the 1st ddmmmyy is the depart date and the 2nd ddmmmyy is the return date. Both are required.
mmm means the 3-letter month abbreviation (JAN, FEB, MAR, etc.).
depart date = 12/02/2012; return date = 12/28/2012
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
Allow Multiple Items with Same Vendor
and Due Date
When putting in multiple expense payables in check queue for the same date, it would error, because
the items were not unique. In this enhancement we made Ref1 available for input. Ref1 for the
expense payable will still default to the date, but maybe be changed as needed for same vendor
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
Drop-Down List to Select Items to Void
Previously, when voiding a few items on
the invoice, there would be dialog boxes
displayed with “Void this item?” that
would require click through. The dropdrop list allows the user to choose the
items that need to be voided in one
dialog box.
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
Allow Other Criteria with
Control Number
Previously, if a control number was input in GL Edit and Query, it would
pull up the whole control number regardless of the other criteria. The
enhancement allows the user to reduce the control number by select
criteria. However, it builds onto the previous design, as it ignores the
dates, when the control number is present.
Select Criteria:
Source, Status, Reference 1, Reference 2, Reference 3, Check #, Group
ID, Comment Contains:, Acct, Branch, Pay ID #, Amount
Batch to Browse
Batch to Browse is now available, which allows Batching Invoice
Query invoice selection to the browse screen. This allows to
stored criteria to be saved for edits.
A “Batch to Browse” button is available on the browse screen of
invoice query. There cannot be duplicate names for the batch.
Reports, Batch Reporting, Batch Printing is how to access the
saved batch and to run the batch to output to browse screen of
invoice query. Batch Maintenance is how it is edited.
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
Select a Different Printer Location
This enhancement allows the option to select a printer for reports other
than the default printer. It is available in all places where report
preview, print, file, and email options are offered.
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
Other Enhancements
• Store Hotel Rate Type
Stored in Comment Line 118
• Payment on Account 1P /CRE, negative amount
Worldspan Interface Enhancement
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release
GlobalWare Fixes included on v5.20 Release
• 9957155- Interface bombs if MIR has A04 and A08
• 9989314- “C” exchange, and Refund due Exchange with Residual
on Auto MCO (Worldspan)
• 8680567- Exchange Residual on MCO with add-collect penalty
• 9890567- IAR Reconciliation – date of issue
• 1049314 - Store Worldspan Auto MCO
• 1031879- Increase field length on invoice print
• 9820675 - IAR import, process Create Memos as DAR
• 1009585- Corporate Item Review, longer name in edit and view
• 9971676- Do not allow Unvoid in a closed ARC period
• 1076625- Group ID needs to allow 10 character input in GL Edit and
GlobalWare 5.20, 2011 Release

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