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Planning for Success: Multiple District and
District Coordinator Goal Setting Webinar
Webinar Agenda
1. Goal-setting Overview
2. The Goal-setting Survey
3. Resources for Goal-setting
4. Goal-setting: Step-by-Step
5. Goal Monitoring
6. Fundraising and Communication Strategies
We Care. We Serve. We Accomplish.
Goal Setting Process
• Goals established and
submitted via online survey
• Submission Date: October
31, 2012
• Both MDCs and DCs will set
Goal Setting Process
• Use LCIF Reports including:
Status of Installments
Total Recap Report
MJF Listings
• At minimum, set a
contributions goal increase
of 5-10% above
an average year of
contributions to LCIF
Goal Setting: MDCs
• Have a plan
– Set goals for each district with
your DC team
– Analyze reports
– Help DCs determine which clubs
to offer a presentation
– Help districts with fundraising
– Make sure your DCs understand
the goal setting process
– Assist your DCs in working with
their DG and DG Team, if
Goal Setting: DCs
• Consult your District Governor
– Ensure your DG supports your goals
– Ask your DG for assistance in
achieving goals
– Communicate your progress to your
• Work with your MDC
– Make sure your MDC is aware of
your goals
– Ask for your MDC’s assistance with
your goal setting, if necessary
– Communicate your progress to your
Goal Setting Survey Questions
What is your target number of clubs to be visited in fiscal year 2012-2013?
What is the estimated number of articles and web news posts you plan to distribute
this year?
Will you conduct MJF recognition activities during your district conventions?
Will you give regular reports to clubs of their available MJF recognition credits?
Goal Setting Survey Questions
How much was raised in your district last year?
What is the goal for donations in your district this year?
Is your District Governor/Council Chair supportive of this donation goal?
Are you aware of One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative?
Do you need more information about LCIF programs in order to promote the
Resources for Establishing Goals: Reports
The following reports are available
to assist you with your goal setting:
Current MJF/PMJF Listing
for your district
This report shows all the
individuals in your district who
are MJFs or PMJFs. Use this to
determine which clubs have
never named an MJF and
encourage them to name one. Or
suggest that those clubs with
many individuals who are MJFs or
PMJFs consider becoming a 100%
MJF Club.
Resources for Establishing Goals: Reports
The following reports are available
to assist you with your goal setting:
Current Status of
Installments Report for your
This report shows all the
accumulated MJF and PMJF credit
in your district. Use it to identify
clubs and individuals that are
near completion of an MJF or
PMJF and encourage them to
complete it. Encourage clubs that
have many credits to apply for
MJFs or PMJFs, or to consider
becoming a 100% club.
Resources for Establishing Goals: Reports
Club Health Report for your District
This report indicates the current status of all clubs in your district, including
number of members, charter date and whether membership is increasing
or decreasing. The report also shows cumulative giving to LCIF during the
fiscal year. Use it to identify clubs with potential to support LCIF. This report
will help you to prioritize which clubs to visit.
Recap of Donations
This report provides the complete list of donations made to LCIF during the
Lions year, sorted by club. Details of each donation are included so that you
can which donation program is most relevant for your area, i.e. club
donations, MJF donations by individuals, Contributing Memberships, etc.
Other Resources for Establishing Goals
In addition to reports and information, there are other important
resources you should consult when setting your goal. Including:
Your District Governor and DG Team
Your DG may have valuable insights into clubs and Lions in your area that
can aid you in goal setting. Additionally, you will have a much greater
chance of meeting your goals if you are able to work closely with your DG.
Your Multiple District Coordinator
If you are a DC, your MDC should assist you with any questions you have
during the goal setting process. Your MDC may hold a goal-setting meeting
or consult with you by phone or e-mail to ensure that you are successful in
your goal-setting. Your MDC will also be there to assist you as you work to
meet your goal throughout the year.
Other Resources for Establishing Goals
Your LCIF Staff Coordinator
LCIF staff coordinators are available to assist you with reports and other
questions. Each Constitutional Area has a staff coordinator assigned to
work with MDCs and DCs in that area. The appropriate staff coordinator for
you area is listed on the LCIF website and in the online training manual.
Former District Coordinator
If you are new to the role of DC, you may find it helpful to consult with the
former DC for your area, if appropriate. This person may be able to provide
you with important information on clubs, donations and other LCIF-related
Goal Setting Responsibilities
LCIF District Coordinator (DC)
District Governor (DG)
LCIF Club Visit
Conduct at least one club visit each month
Inspire Lions to serve both their local and global
communities through LCIF
Thank Lions for their past LCIF support
Request and encourage future LCIF Support
Incorporate local and international LCIF
news into your remarks during club visits and
district events
Thank Lions for past support of LCIF and
remind them of LCIF’s important work
Ensure information about LCIF is presented at the
district convention and other events
Share important LCIF statistics and local data with
the DG
Ask the DG for an opportunity to provide regular
LCIF briefings during the district cabinet meeting
Provide promotional opportunities for the
LCIF coordinator and provide an opportunity
to recognize supporters of LCIF at district
conventions and events
Using LCIF data, set a contributions goal increase of
5-10% or more above an average year of
contributions to LCIF from your district; in some
areas, this may mean an increase of one new MJF
Be knowledgeable of the district’s past
giving history to LCIF and assist the LCIF DC in
meeting the increase
Establish LCIF district goals with input from the
district governor
Be knowledgeable of the LCIF grant history for you
Assist the LCIF DC in establishing goals
Request regular reports from the LCIF DC
during cabinet meetings
Goals: An Example
District ABC sets a goal of $30,375.
This is an increase of $7,875, or 25%, from the previous year
• 13 out of 30 clubs donate
• 10 Lions become Contributing
• In addition to the previous
year’s donations:
• 2 new Clubs award MJFs =
• 2 new Clubs hold LCIF
Fundraiser = $1,000
• 4 Lions make $500 gifts
toward PMJF = $2,000
• 10 new Gold CM = $1,000
• 20 new Silver CM = $1,000
• 50 new Bronze CM = $1,000
• Total = $8,000
Goals: An Example
In summary, the LCIF Coordinator must target:
4 Clubs that did not give last year
Check the Total Recap report to identify these
5 MJFs with potential to become PMJFs
Check the Status of Installments Report for
Lions with MJF credits
80 Lions as new Contributing Members
Check the Total Recap report for clubs with
several CMs already or new clubs whose
members did not support last year
Goal Setting: Step By Step
On-line survey sends your goals directly to LCIF
Either click on the address in the email or copy and paste
the address in the address bar of your web browser:
Multiple District
Goal Setting: Step By Step
This is what the on-line
survey will look like.
Use the mouse to click in
the text box and then
type your answer
Use the mouse to click in
the bubble next to the
answer of your choice
Goal Setting: Step By Step
Use the scroll bar
to move down the
page .
All questions
marked with an
asterisk must be
Goal Setting: Step By Step
Please, find the total
amount raised in your
district using LCIF reports
When all questions are
answered, click on the
SUBMIT button.
Goals: Monitoring
A new goals monitoring process will be instituted for the 2012 – 2013
Lions year. Twice per year, LCIF DCs will be asked to report on their
progress to their MDC. In turn, MDCs will report their progress to their
SC member.
– Allow LCIF and the SC to monitor worldwide progress toward meeting LCIF goals
– Enable MDCs to identify DCs who may need assistance in meeting their goals
– Enable SCs to identify MDCs who may need assistance in meeting their goals
– Allow LCIF staff to identify areas in which they can assist coordinators
– Give coordinators the opportunity to ask questions and request assistance
We Care. We Serve. We Accomplish.
Goals: Monitoring
• Mid-year and year end reporting
– Early January, 2013: DCs receive and complete a monitoring survey
– MDCs and DCs will discuss the survey by phone.
– MDCs will then report on results to their SC member
• This process will be repeated in June 2013. During the
June 2013 calls, setting goals for the next Lions Year will
also be discussed.
We Care. We Serve. We Accomplish.
Fundraising Strategies
• Clubs that did not
donate last year
• Send a letter
• Offer to visit
• Inform the clubs of
the good work of
the Foundation
• Inform the clubs of
the grants received
from LCIF for the
June 2010-2011 Recap of Donations Report:
Fundraising Strategies
MJF Credit Balances:
• Individuals or clubs
close to US$1,000
• Encourage them to ‘top
up’ donations in order
to name an MJF or
• Challenge the clubs to
donate at least one
new MJF this year
We Care. We Serve. We Accomplish.
+ $487.50 =
Fundraising Strategies
Contributing Memberships:
• Encourage individual donations
• Promote CMs through club visits and
• Challenge clubs to become 100%
Contributing Member clubs
We Care. We Serve. We Accomplish.
Fundraising Strategies
Encourage Lions to
include LCIF in their
estate plans:
• Information on the LCIF
• eBrochures
• Lions should talk with an
attorney or estate
Fundraising Strategies
Thank Donors:
• Thank donors (clubs and
individuals) through
• Profile generous donors
on website, in newsletter,
or local paper
• Recognize MJF donors at
conventions and club
We Care. We Serve. We Accomplish.
Fundraising Strategies
Leo Clubs:
• Help Leos understand the
importance of LCIF and
its good work throughout
the world
• Encourage Leo clubs to
fundraise on behalf of
LCIF as up and coming
global leaders
• Try to promote 100% Leo
club participation
District 23C Connecticut Leos – 100% club
We Care. We Serve. We Accomplish.
For planning and ongoing evaluation of success:
District Governor Teams
LCIF Steering Committee <-> Multiple
District Coordainators
Multiple District Coordinators <–>
District Coordinators
13 Steering Committee Members
150 Multiple District Coordinators
750 District Coordinators
LCIF Staff
45,000 Clubs
For education, outreach and to mobilize contributions:
Club visits
Newsletter articles
Presentations at conventions and leadership development events
Zone and district cabinet meetings
Direct mail appeals
Local media coverage of LCIF impact
Communicate: MJF Program Changes
There are now four Areas of Giving
from which to choose when making
a contribution.
• Donations within these four general areas
are eligible for Melvin Jones Fellowship
• More specific donations within these
areas will be honored by LCIF but will not
be eligible for MJF recognition (i.e.
donations for Special Olympics Opening
Eyes, SightFirst, Lions Quest, etc.)
• The Measles Initiative under
Humanitarian Needs is MJF eligible
Area of
We Care. We Serve. We Accomplish.

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