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Transforming Marketing
Developing marketing excellence
Proposal to develop and deliver marketing excellence
by Cambridge Marketing College
An Introduction to Cambridge Marketing Colleges
Our History and our Values
Cambridge Marketing Colleges established
in 1991 with the intention to “enhance the
marketing careers of executives”
We are one of the CIM’s largest accredited centres
worldwide with 6 UK study centres and local
presence in 6 overseas markets
We have a faculty of over 40 tutors
who are all practising marketers, as we believe
that delegates benefit most from knowledge driven
from the intersection of theory and practice
We know that delegates learn in different
ways and so have developed a range of flexible
learning pathways
An Introduction to Cambridge Marketing Colleges
Our Skills and Competencies
Teaching - We teach across the marketing spectrum with
a cohort of over 1,000 students at any one time studying
for CIM, CAM, CIPR and MRS qualifications
Publishing – We offer a complete range of study guides,
text books, a peer-reviewed journal, video and audio
Lectures, White Papers and a Radio Programme
Community - We operate an active alumni association for
professional marketers. We organise and run both the
CIM Annual Digital Marketing conference as well as the
Annual Cambridge Marketing Debate
Consultancy – We have developed marketing solutions to a
wide range of corporate partners to deliver
tailored courses at all levels, tied to specific goals
Research – We offer a comprehensive research
service for all aspects of marketing, including training
needs analysis and marketing professional profiling
Cambridge Approach
We lead the world in developing professional marketers
Cambridge Marketing College was established in 1991 to “enhance the marketing
careers of executives and the marketing of the companies they work for.”
•Faculty of expert tutors
• 45 experienced tutors cover breadth and depth
• Cambridge Marketing Leadership Academy
• Programme leaders and project managers
•Accredited qualifications partner
• CIM’s largest accredited study centre worldwide
• Also for other bodies, CAM, CIPR, etc
• CPD leading to Chartered Marketer status
•Network of locations
• 6 study centres across the UK, plus others worldwide
• Research and administrative centre
• Logistics support in using other locations
•Digital Learning Zone
• Customisable e-learning modules
• Admin and learning support to physical workshops
• MyMarketingMentor
•Cambridge Marketing Press
• Quarterly magazine with thought leading articles
• Series of concise marketing handbooks
• Bi-weekly Radio Programme
•Prestigious industry events
• Annual lecture (previously by Philip Kotler, and many others)
• Annual dinner (St John’s College, Cambridge)
Our Approach
What do we need to do to make it happen?
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Understanding where to focus,
on whom and how
Developing the right learning
Delivering the integrated
Sustaining the momentum,
building a community
•Understanding your business
• Strategy
• Marketing
• Performance
• Multi-country Best
Practice research
•Defining your Way of Marketing
• Mapping
• Articulation
• Engagement
•Workshops delivered to meet
• Dates, venues
• Delivery
• Evaluation
•Building an energised marketing
• Events, speakers
• Papers, videos
•Developing/customising the
content for learning
• Online
• Workshops
• Partners, agencies
•E-learning delivered in
individual’s own time
• Study guide
• Certificates
•Communicating the program to
your people
• Launch
• Administration
• Logistics
•Supporting the program
• Invites
• Tutors, resources
• Helpline
•Evaluating your current
marketing capabilities
• Current
• Required/desired
• Benchmarking
• Thomas PPA/GIA
•Supporting ongoing professional
• CIM qualifications
• Chartered status
• Search for the Edge
•Quarterly project reviews
Our approach
The right development framework, topics, content, levels for you
Supporting and linked to business and personal goals/KPIs
Integrated programme ready to deliver
The right experts and coatches: - Expert faculty in each of
the specialist areas + Access to wide range of leading
marketers and gurus + Participant in UK and EU industry
standard benchmarks
Effective, well organised, inspiring programme
•The blend of digital and physical delivery ; Online customisable
Modules with Learning Zone
Qualifications : Accredited study towards CIM and other qualifications –
Accredited CPD provider towards Chartered status
Transforming marketing, talented, successful,
and a great place to work.
Optional qualification paths
Individual and team study
For all levels of marketer
bringing together all the qualifications
CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing
Specialising in B2B Marketing
Specialising in Arts Marketing
Specialising in Pharmaceuticals Marketing
Specialising in Professional Services
Specialising in Sports Marketing
CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing
Specialising (as above)
Specialising in Agri/Rural Marketing
Specialising in Charities Marketing
CIM Introductory Certificate
CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications
CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing
Specialising in Digital Campaign Planning
Specialising in Digital Media and Planning
Specialising in Mobile Marketing
CIPR Diploma in Public Relations
CIPR Advanced Certificate in PR
CIPR Foundation Award in PR
Charlotte Lestienne
[email protected]
01954 234943
Cambridge Marketing College
St John's Innovation Centre,
Cowley Rd, Milton,
Cambridge CB4 0WS

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