CIM Resurgence

CIM’S Resurgence
Mindfulness & Stress Management
Program For Corporate
Legendary Words
“If you just sit and observe, you will see how restless your
mind is, if you try to calm it, it only makes it worse, but over
time it does calm, and when it does, there’s room to hear more
subtle things – that’s when your intuition starts to blossom and
you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more.
Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse
in the moment. You see so much more than you could see
before. It’s a discipline; you have to practice it.”
– Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple Computers.
Why Mindfulness
• Studies of mindfulness in a business context has shown that increases in
mindfulness are associated with increased creativity and decreased burnout
(eg. Langer, Haffernan, Kiester, 1988).
• Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer asserts that mindfulness on the job can
increase our flexibility, productivity, innovation, leadership ability and
satisfaction. (Langer, 1989)
• Increasingly world class organizations are looking at Mindfulness as a
competitive advantage and are creating dedicated programs like SIY in
Google, Mindful Leadership in General Mills, Empower in Shell, etc.
• Mindfulness leads to better emotional resilience, positive responses and
reduces cardiovascular risk.
• Mindfulness acts as the bridge between corporate capitalism and eastern
mysticism which are seemingly incongruous.
Why CIM ?
• CIM takes a holistic approach to mindfulness
meditations by being rooted in Eastern wisdom.
• CIM is an initiative of Stress Management
Academy is conducting Mindfulness and Stress
Management programs for reputed clients across
the globe since 1985 (more than 25 years).
• We are the pioneers in India for Mindfulness
based corporate programs.
Course in Mindfulness (CIM) has been conceived as an education and training vertical
of Lokenath Divine Life Mission ( LDLM) . LDLM is a non-governmental charitable
organization founded by Sri Sri Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari in 1985. LDLM, along
with its United States based 501 C3 organization Lokenath Divine Life Fellowship,
Inc. (LDLF), attempts to reach out to the people who are immensely gifted but are
deprived of the basic needs of life.
CIM primarily focuses on training around mindfulness in your daily life to gradually
empower you to live life inside out.
The vision is to emerge as a holistic platform for disseminating the divine concepts of
mindfulness across the globe.
CIM’ Mission is to dedicate itself for the service of mankind in order to equip every
human being to become a proponent of “love and peace”.
The collaborative efforts of LDLM, LDLF & CIM will help structure a world where
individuals are conscious of their inner resources and learn to overcome poverty as a
society, live with dignity and self-reliance and learn to function with improved level of
consciousness, social responsibility , inner peace and happiness at every level of human
Sri Sri Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari, lovingly called
Baba (Be Aware, Be Awakened), Founder of CIM is an
academician, author, an international motivational
speaker, social advocate, universal spiritual teacher,
innovative facilitator and a spiritually awakened leader
from West Bengal, India.
Sri Sri Shuddhaanandaa
Brahmachari, lovingly
called Baba (Be Aware,
Be Awakened), Founder ,
All seekers of mindfulness training
Enhance social responsiveness amongst individuals
Youth empowerment program
Enhance self-confidence and discipline among youth
Merges the charisma with the power of character so as
to emerge as a successful human being
Resource enhancement program for corporate
executives , managers and business leaders
Enhance the mindfulness and thereby enhance the
level of consciousness of the individual
Helps in stress management and unlearning negative
thought patterns
Helps to find the most ethical and enduring solutions to
pressing professional challenges
Students at National College,
Bandra, Mumbai, India listen
to Sri Shuddhaanandaa with
rapt attention.
CIM’S Resurgence Program For Corporate
The whole purpose of mindfulness in your daily life is to
gradually empower yourself to live life inside out.
Course in Mindfulness is structured for all of humanity,
to help us heal and reach to the peak of human
excellence in a holistic way. It is a complete package for
unleashing the infinite potential of mind-body-Spirit to
be a successful achiever, without sacrificing the timeless
ethical principles that have guided man through time.
Welcome to that which charters the course of your life
to peace and prosperity, harmony, health and
Mindfulness, says Harvard Professor Ellen Langer,
increases creativity, produces higher attention levels
and improves memory. This has been the result of her
years of experimental research.
Course in Mindfulness blends the Western scientific
research on the efficacy of Mind Power with the Eastern
mystical research on the Spiritual core values that
enlighten the mind and allow it to perform at its peak
while being stable and balanced. The course teaches
how mindfulness can help the participant enjoy peace
and happiness on the individual level and help create a
safe planet for all to live.
Sri Shuddhaanandaa talks
animatedly about Mindfulness
to future leaders at MIT, in
Boston, USA
CIM’S Resurgence Program For Corporate
CIM is for:
• Business leaders
• Entrepreneurs
• Corporate executives and
• Management trainees
• Independent professionals
Illustrative – one
day indoor program
(6 hours including
Comprehensive –
two days outdoor
residential program
 Awakens latent innovativeness and infinite creativity.
 Streamlines the natural flow of the mind’s power.
 Helps to find the most ethical and enduring solutions to pressing
professional challenges.
 Inspires to emerge as a thoughtful leader.
 Intuitive faculties for right decision at right time.
 Inner calmness essential for stress-free life.
 Increased energy to cope with the “deadlines”.
 Charisma to lead the group with empathy and discipline.
 Blossoming of the spirit to be a leader with a difference.
CIM’S Resurgence Program Outline
1: Physical Rejuvenation for Holistic Wellness : Physical training
and practice based on Yoga, Chi or Pranic (Breathing) Healing
techniques, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Chi Kung practices
2. Mental Alertness for Unleashing infinite Positive mind power :
Mindfulness experiential training based on Eastern
techniques of relaxation and meditation ,The power of Pause,
showing that an alert mind makes the fewest mistakes in life
and helps the energy to flow without obstruction.
3: Social Responsiveness for a world free of violence and
conflicts : Lectures and discussions on social responsibility of
the individual
4: Economic Ethics: Mindfulness training as a tool to lay the bricks
for life based on earnings that reflect adherence to traditional
ethical values, foundational to a happy family and society.
5: Spiritual Connectedness: Foundation to life of peace and
prosperity through mindfulness training that enhances
spiritual connectedness, for, unless an individual is Spiritually
connected the other aspects of physical, mental, social or
economic states become vulnerable and can break down any
moment. Develop a sense of something Greater than the egoself is the CORE value and is foundational to life in its holistic
Mindfulness helps live life moment to moment in its Totality
Key benefits to the individual
Mindfulness improves the level of individual consciousness
Awakens latent innovativeness and infinite creativity.
Streamlines the natural flow of the mind’s power
Enhances work-life balance through mindful living
Inspires to emerge as a conscious and mindful leader.
Key benefits to the corporate
Encourages a culture of Innovation
Enhanced level of consciousness amongst leaders in critical
decision making process
Effective stress management for increased productivity
Better employee relations
February 2012 Sri
Shuddhaanandaa spoke
about Spiritualizing
management at the ICON
conference in Varanasi,
Sri Shuddhaanandaa has a strong, yet comforting presence and is an amazingly engaging presenter
who clearly lives by the principles and practices that he imparts to his audience.” – Michael Baker,
Assistant Manager, Village of Downers Grove, IL, USA
“Excellent feeling. I was in a new world during session. I am feeling more and more relaxed”. – S. B.
Kamath, Indian Oil Corporation, Patna, India
“It was magical, fantastic and very unique. His power of words coupled with demonstration of
breathing techniques and stretching fills life with full of energy and freshness and purity of
thought” — Deepu Bhattacharya, Reliance Industries.
“Relaxed Body Mind helped me realize my true Being” — Debashmita Nath Chatterjee, Cognizant
Technology Solutions, Kolkata
“Instilled confidence in me that ‘YES I CAN’ ” — Subramaniam Pappu, IBM, India.
"Informative, New Dimension
“Today I have hope again.” — Homeless Man in a Homeless Shelter in Chicago
“I invited Sri Shuddhaanandaa to speak to my students for I felt his authentic presence
and his love” — Dr. Thimmappa, Vice Chancellor, Bangalore University & Professor of
Psychology at National Institute of Mental Health (NIMHANS) Bangalore.
to life and word ‘Breath’ ” — Mr. T Robert Singh, Senior
Scientist, RCI – DRDO, Hyderabad
Some of our Clients
Panasonic (Atlanta,GA)
MIT, Boston (USA).
Stanford University
Downers, Illinois, USA
Cognizant Technology,
Kolkata, India
IBM , India
Indian Oil Corporation
Bangalore University, India
Reliance Industries, India
National College, Mumbai
 University of Notre Dame
 Shelter for the homeless,
Chicago , USA
 State Bank of India
 RCI, DRDO, Hyderabad
 Mittal Steel, Romania
Major keynote addresses of BaBa
• Parliament of World Religions (1993) in Chicago (USA).
• Parliament of World Religions (2004) in Barcelona,
• Global Youth Conference (1993) at Washington DC.
• United Nations World Millennium Summit (2000) in
New York.
• Conference on Poverty Alleviation (2004) in Kerichio,
And many more…
To communicate with Baba :
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For events outside India :
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Mumbai, India
Manish Asthana
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The more you affirm the goodness and beauty of who you truly are, the
more you start glowing, the more you grow in consciousnesses. ~ Baba

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