OG - Engineers Australia

QLD Group established in July 2010 & it`s still at it`s
infancy stage
Similar model to WA – in partnership with SPE and mainly
focus on Technical Events
Current 4 Committee members and hold 4 events
Focus on Facilities aspect of industry and multidisciplinary group that involve Process, Civil & Structural,
Electrical & Instruments, Mechanical & Pipeline
There are already 4 Association and Societies in this industry
Upstream Sector (Exploration & Production)
Upstream include searching for potential Underground or Underwater Oil & Gas
fields, drilling of exploratory wells, and subsequently operating the wells that recover
and bring these hydrocarbons to the surface
Midstream Sector
Midstream include Processing at Surface , Storage & Transporting these Hydrocarbons
to the Downstream Sector
Downstream Sector
Downstream include Refining and Distribution of Hydrocarbons and their products
and consist of Oil Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Petroleum Product distribution,
Retail outlets and conventional/unconventional Gas distribution companies.
According to numbers by Pitcrew Management Consultants,
Australia now has a total of 456 projects in the construction
pipeline with 272 of those already committed and/or under
construction, with a combined value of $424b
Another 184 projects are in the pipeline awaiting Final
Investment Decision. Conservative estimations are that
approvals for at least $50-80b worth of additional project
value will be announced in the next 12 months.
GLNG – Gladstone LNG
Santos – JV with Petronas, Total & KoGas
APLNG – Asia Pacific LNG
Origin Energy, JV with Conoco, Sinopec
QCLNG – Queensland Curtis LNG
QGC – Parent company British Gas (BG)
Arrow LNG
Arrow Energy Parents companies Petro-China
Client (Owner/Operator)
Include sub-surface & surface team. Usually Project Engineers to run the
project team and small engineering team to support Operation to run the
Consultant (Design)
Focus on design and have Technical discipline: Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil
& Structural, Geotechnical, Environmental
Construction (Execution)
Include construction crew and usually require engineering team to support
them from the field or the office
Drilling & Completion of the well
Installation of the wellhead production skid
Low Pressure Gathering line (Pipeline)
Gas Facilities and Compressor Stations
Water Facilities and Treatment Plant
450 to 600 Km of High Pressure Pipeline
10MPa Pressure and 45” Diameter
Feeding the Gas from the Upstream (Gas Field) to the
Downstream (LNG Plant)
Liquefying the Gas by
lower temperature to -165
and compressing it
Involve Mercury, CO2 removal

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