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Using a Personality Profile
Assessment Tool for Student
Kelly Wuest and Jason Cifra
College of Southern Nevada
• Introductions.
• Career Exploration and Counseling needs at CSN.
• Identifying the Right Tool and Why TypeFocus
Worked for us.
• Find Your Career @ CSN program.
• Screenshots of TypeFocus features.
• Benefits of having an Assessment tool.
• Observations
• Q&A.
Career Exploration and Counseling
needs at CSN.
1. Lack of comprehensive and accessible tool for
the majority of our students.
2. Need for collaboration between Career Services
and Counseling Department in assisting students
with Career Development.
3. Lack of ability to track students who have needs,
but may not have followed through with
4. Need for statistics and tracking of
provided services.
Identifying the Right Program.
• Identified different types of programs.
• Used students and staff to evaluate each
program during demonstrations.
• Evaluated the cost, access, and features of
each program.
• Identified the final program >>>Typefocus.
• Work with vendor for training and
Personality Type Assessment  Self-awareness, Setting Goals, Career Cluster, and
Success at Work
Success Factors Questionnaire  Academic Success
Employability Skills 
Improve employability skills (Resume, Interviews, and
Administration Interface Features:
» Customize options: Graphics, Immediate Reports
» Program evaluation; add a variable; announcements.
» Sort/Select/Communicate
Hosted/Web Based.
Unlimited Access to students and staff.
Total cost was $2300 for three years.
($700 Discount + $1000 Perkin’s Grant + $600 Per Dept.)
Find Your Career @ CSN
Students complete the
TypeFocus Assessment
series via the web.
Students can consult
with Counselors,
Advisors, and Specialists
to review report.
With the students,
Counselors and
Advisors develop
course of study and
degree plans.
Track Student Progress!
Student Success!
Counselors, Advisors, Career
Specialists cross refer to each other
or other student support programs
depending on Retention needs.
Career Specialists provide
Employment Skills development
such as Resume and Cover
Letter writing, Job
Search/Career Exploration, and
Interviewing Workshop.
Quick View
Personality Profile
Success Factor Questionnaire
Admin Features
Sample Report Sections
Career Cluster
• Tool to facilitate identification of careers for CTE students and
adult learners.
• Students learn about themselves, their preferences, skills, and
values. The result either provides new options or validate
selected career paths.
• Having a shared tool provides Students, Counselors, Advisors,
and Career Specialists a common focus in working together.
• Good introduction to assessment. Students have options on
how much they complete depending on their needs.
• Development of a more comprehensive service and defined
roles and responsibilities.
• Identifying and communicating with students who may have
retention needs.
• Free!!!
Thank you very much!
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