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Matt Gromlich
GED 100 – Math
Monday-Thursday 5:30-8:30
[email protected]
About Me
About You
Goals and Objectives of the Course
Responsibilities and Expectations
Lesson 1
About Me (Education)
• North Carolina Native
• NC State
– Math Minor
– Science Education Major
– Getting my Master’s in Agriculture Education
About Me (Teaching Experience)
• Tutor at NC State
– Reading, writing, calculus, chemistry, biology
• After school science program to 3rd graders
• High school chemistry (Fall 2011)
• Middle school science (Spring 2012)
• 6th grade math/science (2012-2013)
What about you?
• One of the most important aspects of learning is
working together with other members from your
• Think about the following questions. You will
have one minute to formulate an answer, two
minutes to share your answer with someone
from the class, and two minutes to hear their
answer (5 minutes total per question).
• For each question, you must find a different
What is your favorite
childhood memory? Why?
What is your favorite hobby
outside of work? Why?
If you could do anything in life
without worrying about logistics
or consequences, what would it
be? Why?
Where do you see yourself in
five years?
I am (a)…
• You will have ten minutes to compile a list of
words or phrases that describe you. Each one
has to begin with “I am…” or “I am a…” Be
• Some of My Examples
I am a son
I am a country music lover
I am left-handed
I am hard-working
I am inquisitive
I am a swimmer
I am (a)…continued
• Now find someone else in the class that you
have not met. Read off all (or part) of your list
to them.
• Then, listen while they read off their list (or
part of their list) to you.
I am (a)…continued
• Now I want to know a little bit about you!
• Read some or all of your list out loud. Make
sure to say your name before you start
reading off your list.
• 15 minutes
Course Information
• This course will meet Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, and Thursday from 5:30-8:30
• This is one of many GED prep courses offered at
CSN to help you get ready to take the GED exam.
• There will be two 15-minute breaks during the 3hour class. Sometimes, one of these breaks will
be used so that class ends at 8:15. The lessons
will dictate when we take these breaks.
• The last day of the course will be Thursday,
October 3, 2013.
Other Information
• The GED is going to change on January 1,
2014. Therefore, if you want to take the GED
before the new one comes out, you must
register ASAP.
• On the GED, there are two math sections.
One will allow you to use a calculator. The
other will not.
• This course only runs for 10 weeks. Therefore,
it is imperative that you attend every lesson.
• Sometimes, emergencies come up. If you are
unable to make it to class, please email me.
• If you miss three classes, you will be referred
to the GED coordinator.
• If you need to transfer to another section
because of a change in job schedule or any
other reason, please let me know.
Expectations (continued)
• You have a series of workbooks provided by
CSN. I will be assigning homework from your
workbooks. You must do work at home to
prepare for the GED. Class alone will not be
enough to prepare you.
Expectations (continued)
• You must have a pencil, paper, and your
workbook with you at all times. You will have
to take notes and work on practice problems
during classroom instruction time.
• Respect is the most important rule when
working in the classroom environment.
Respect yourself and respect others. Everyone
wants to learn. We all have the same goal
• Be prepared.
Class Website
Mad Minute
Unit 1: Whole Numbers

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