Welding Weldments Together

Steve Ostrovsky – TPM – CSW (PISTEW)
Weldment Topics
Weldment Profiles - Setup
3dSketching & How to Select Lines
Groups v Members
Custom Profiles
Custom Properties (Tab Builder)
Weldment w/ Sheet Metal
Weldment with no Members
Drawings – Cut Lists, Single Bodies
Widescreen Pictures
Pictures can also be presented more dramatically in widescreen.
Weldment Profiles - Setup
Setup network location for
Weldment Profiles
 Folders must be setup in
correct order
Design Library
SolidWorks Content
CTRL+Click to download
Tools > Options > File Locations > Weldment Profiles
3DSketching & Sketch Considerations
Planar Connected end to end
Individual Segments
Quick 3DSketch Tips
Sketch line & selection
Disconnected Parallel
Can’t select at intersection
Groups & Members
Order of selection in groups
determines how segments will be
First selected will stay full length
Last select will be trimmed to meet first
Custom Profiles
Use existing, modify
 Use Dimensions to drive
 From scratch – Save As Library
 Asked to create “simplified
library feature part” – NO
 After created – Add Sketch to
No Green L and you get
“Empty Library Feature”
error when using profile
Custom Properties
Property Tab builder
Must select Cut-List Item to apply
Weldment Custom Form
otherwise it will default to part form
Adding Properties to Profiles
Bulk Property Update via
Weldment Feature
Multiple Materials
 No
real profile database
exists – create your own
 Can use Weldments without
using Structural Members
Weldments & Sheet Metal
 New
to SolidWorks 2010
 Sheet Metal parts now get a
 Multiple Sheet Metal bodies in
one part
Weldments without Weldments
Don’t always have to use structural
members to take advantage of
Weldment tools
Insert just the Weldment Feature
Insert > Part
Turns off Merge Result
Inserts part as if it were welded –
custom properties follow over
Cut-list turn into “psuedo” part BOM
Drawings – Cut Lists, Single Bodies
 Cut
 Relative View - detailing
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