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Indonesian Positive Women Network
International Community of Women
Since the Agreed Conclusions of CSW in 2009;
Some progress has been made to address gender
inequalities and increased vulnerabilities of women to
HIV in policies and programs to address HIV
 President decree no 3/2010; gender mainstreaming
program in NAC and all Provincial AIDS Commission
 Mid term review National Strategic Plan on HIV
 Initiative gender responsive collaboration NAC, and
Ministry Women Empowerment and Protection Child
training on planning and budgeting, IPPI meaningful
involve in this
 IPPI CEDAW Workshop
 IPPI Research on PMTCT
 IPPI Study on VAW living with HIV
 IPPI VAW campaign through film documentary
“HARUS” (SHOULD; the Unfinished story)
Involvement of women living with HIV
in the response to HIV
 IPPI member and vice secretary in NAC gender task force; focus on Human Right
and Gender
 Others Task Force member are Ministry of Women Empowerment, Ministry of Social
Affair, Ministry of Law and Human Right, National Violence Against Women
Commission, National Network of Key Affected Population and CSO focus on
women and migrant issues
 Through this task force the integration effort of violence against women be discussed
more seriously and be the entrance to a recommendation of the Strategy and
National Action Plan for HIV who have not prioritized this integration into the
strategic plan and action plan and budget.
 The role of civil society members of the task force has done significantly with the
success of encouraging the study of issues related to the importance of
accommodating women and violence against women in Strategic and National
Action Plan.
 This study also used as one of the recommendations in the mid term review Strategic
and National Action Plan.
Engagement with the CEDAW reporting
processes into actions at the national level
 Indonesia Positive Women Network (IPPI) has made the
integration agenda of violence against women in the AIDS
response as a priority advocacy.
 IPPI processes start from carried out documenting cases of
violence against women living with HIV (members) in 8
provinces in Indonesia, and did CEDAW workshop to the
provincial coordinator,
 IPPI engaged in CEDAW shadow report with CEDAW
Working Group Indonesia (CWGI) and continue with
consultation process in the preparation of the CEDAW
Committee hearing conducted by the Ministry of Women
Empowerment and the National Violence Against Commission.
 National Coordinator IPPI also participated to attend the
CEDAW Committee which was held in New York in July 2012.
IPPI Oral Statement on
 “Recognizing the right of WLHIV it's not solely just
providing them with access to care and treatment. We
should respect their dignity and their right to have a
children as well as the other women. We still found many
cases which WLHIV became victim of violences. It is our
responsibility to address it because violence against
WLHIV and several forced sterilization cases we found
was not just VAW but it's a violence against humanity.
We urge all state members of UN to take an appropriate
commitment and action to eliminate violence against
women living with HIV.”
 Cultural and religion norms in Indonesia are still
impacted to gender equality
 The barriers on employment policy not sensitive for
PLHIV including WLHIV
 AIDS response still exclusive not integrate with
others social issues
Policy and programming efforts to address
the needs of WLHIV
 Government need to develop strategic and action plan to
address all WLHIV issues including linkages VAW and
 Need to support WLHIV group with specific program
and budget allocating
 Develop monitoring and evaluation mechanism as
priority of meaningful involvement WLHIV
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